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By 10/15/2010

this scale wall is rad

so is the blog, which led me to this great chicken fabric
sidenote, when i was just getting ready to open furbish, i was talking to an older woman about it -- i told her i was going to sell painted furniture, and she said, "oh, you're going to paint chickens on things?  i love that."  i said no.

in other news, rowdy had another photo shoot.

i'm making another batch of these cute quadrille pinched trays b/c everyone said i better, or else

this is one of the cast of supercute halloween sock monkeys starring in the halloween tree at furbish

i forgot where i found this (bailey, was it you?) but it's fabulous
i am sorry i don't credit more, but i just pull things onto my desktop when i like them and then i sort through them 4 months later.

this is prowler and me having a degas moment.  we just need tutus.  i need a tutu in general.

celerie kemble fabrics are yum.

and break.


  1. You need to get on Pinterest! It's changed my world when it comes to saving inspiration. You just push a button, and it saves the links for you, in one place, and your desktop stays clean.

    check it out: pinterest.com

    If you'd like an invite, let me know and I'll send you one!

  2. painted flamingos = cool, painted chickens = totally lame

  3. the famingo piece is by Jimmie Martin


  4. Thanks so much for featuring Compai. Your blog is rad too ;-)
    I found out who makes that zig zag fabric that you like. It's called Los Sanctos by Terrie Mangat- here's a link: http://www.shop.someartfabric.com/product.sc?productId=6044

    Thanks again!

  5. What a cutieeee. I used to have one of those pups when i lived in NYC - he was so smart too! :)))))

  6. Those are some rockin' chickens.

  7. So how do we go about getting one of those fabulous quadrille trays when you live in, say, California?!

  8. They'll be back for sale online in the store in about 2 weeks. www.shopfurbish.com

  9. Okay, I swear we had a class together at Carolina. I LOVE your stuff and am trying to get back to Raleigh!


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