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of note.

By 9/16/2010

wshome has a new line of inexpensive throw rugs.
like this thom filicia print. also noticed they have overstock's eye catching matrix rug which lauren used in her very chic shed.
i think the coral rug could be a lot of fun too.
yup. that's what i think.

in small blue table news, this one from urban is cute

i like this bench

survey says: apparently everyone hates everything
doing the decorating for a living now doesn't afford me the opportunity to hate. i just have to refresh. everything is relative. every situation is different.

i am mesmerized by robyn's arm swings and punches and thrusts

i suggest a visit into her video archives. highly entertaining.

daisy likes her new dog bed from furbish

hang things over your door frames

me wantey
Picture 2
from kate spade

upcoming events of note in my life:
lady gaga sunday night
nate berkus blogger show in nyc on tuesday
being on a boat with brian meares for 4 days


  1. how much for that doggie in the window. cute doggie bed.

  2. Inexpensive and Throw Rugs go well together ;). And about Robyn, I just heard/saw her on the VMAs. I'm liking.

  3. Lots going on for you! I love Robyn all her songs are amazing!

  4. I agree with you. Being a designer I try and see the good in all aspects of design. I love that I am able to appreciate things that not everyone loves. very interesting post wasn't it.....

  5. I'm dying to get to your store!!! I noticed a year or so ago visiting my BFF who lives in those Bishops Park condos. I will return one day soon!

  6. Great post...I called WSH awhile back when I saw that coral rug. I asked why it was so inexpensive for them (meaning, is it made of tissue paper?!). She replied, 'Well, it would be a nice summer rug, it's priced so you can switch it out with the seasons. You wouldn't want to use it year-round'

    Since I'm not to the status of 'seasonal rugs' yet...I decided to pass. But it is so super cute!

    xo, cass

  7. I love the living room with the prints over the doors! I hope I'll get to meet you in New York next week :)

  8. wooahh woah!! slow down kemo sabe!
    ok..first off- that bench is good. very good.

    second- this: "doing the decorating for a living now doesn't afford me the opportunity to hate. i just have to refresh. everything is relative. every situation is different." you are 100 percent correct. and a great attitude to boot. and deep down in my cold black heart this is my take on it too.

    third: robyn looks like derek acorah from most haunted. looksee: http://www.google.com/images?hl=en&source=imghp&biw=1280&bih=636&q=derek+acorah&gbv=2&aq=f&aqi=g1&aql=&oq=&gs_rfai=

    fourth- i wish i knew you were going to nyc for nate, they have called me twice and i just couldn't justify it but i so would have stolen a ride from you!!

    haz nice weekend!

  9. mmm hmmm... maybe our paths will cross at lady gaga!!!

  10. I just bought the "scattered striped" rug from WS home and if the "coral" rug is the same I would say you can definitely use it year round. I intend to. It is a thin flat weave rug but still has some weight to it and lays nicely- perfect with a rug pad.

  11. Re: everybody hates everything: I picked up some deer antlers at a Honolulu Salvation Army in the 90s. I have loved them ever since. I used to drape leis over them, and it was beautiful. When my grandmother passes away, I will inherit the antlers that my grandfather got hunting in Austria. I love design blogs, but there is always the risk of being turned off to something due to over-saturation. My antlers are staying!