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By 5/20/2010

these are both super cute and restore my faith that diy doesn't have to look craptastic.

and yes i am still alive, but very busy.  i have pictures from the greenbrier to share with you asap.  also my mom found the target shoes for me and they are fabulous.  and it was my birthday and i had a surprise party and the hat i wore outlined the birth of hello kitty from hatching in an egg to her current iteration in a zebra suit.  and furbish is posting some of the bigger pieces of furniture for sale on my flickr stream - work in progress.  AND i bought the downtown chic book b/c i could not stand it any longer and have come to the conclusion they are basically just showing up.


  1. I loved these yesterday on DS.That pouf is too cute, I am thinking of ways to make it work in my living room!

  2. I got a sewing machine for Christmas, that I have not touched except to take it out of the box. I will be learning how to use it soon, just so I can make that poof pillow.

    Happy Birthday.

  3. RE: 9 by Design. I love the show, the kids, the parrents, love their bravery and chutzpah but their design itself is just so-so.

  4. 9 by design. They dream big on all fronts - give them credit for that.

    I finally got the book too - cheap & used cause that's how I like my readin' - and was surprised to see how flea market hodge podge their early stuff is. Only the new stuff is truly inspiring.

    But I do admire their risk-taking.

    And they seem to have a lovely life and the kids are truly adorable & I hope the parents don't become overly self-absorbed, fame whores cause those kids need them.

  5. 9 by design - finally someone calls it like it is. so over them.

  6. Simone From Elizabeth CityMay 20, 2010 at 7:37 PM

    Hmm, guess I've drunk the Novogratz kool-aid 'cause I love them and their high-low design aesthetic. Just cool mofos with a capital C.

    Oh, and Happy Birthday, Jamie.

  7. Not sure how Anonymous could be over 9 by design already, wonder how Anon feels about antlers, Keep Calm & Carry On and For Like Ever?

    Novogratz progression-

    NY Times article = Book
    Book = Bravo show
    Bravo Show = big $ design jobs

    Cheers to Courtney & Bob for branding the fam and moving & shaking. Their design doesn't blow my mind but the reno, high stakes real estate and the development of parking lots does.

    For right now I'm in the Novogratz camp.

  8. let the record state that i'm on team Novogratz too. same for rachel zoe. but i can't help call it like i see it.

  9. Happy belated birthday! Hope it was as fabulous as you. Love your blog and look forward to your posts! (ps -- thanks for the front door caymen blue tip...I just redid my back door in it. LOVE!)

  10. have been aware of them for a little while longer than the avg blogger. easy to be a great decorator when you've accumulated $$MMs working for Goldman. also, the brazil house was built custom by and for someone else, not their piece of work.

  11. "let the record state that i'm on team Novogratz too. same for rachel zoe. but i can't help call it like i see it."

    That seems like a contradiction. Can you clarify?

    (For the record, I have no opinion about them. They do seem like they work hard, and their buildings do embody a vision, which seems like the opposite of "just showing up.")