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oh overstock

By 1/19/2010

in a flurry of needing some different to happen in our kitchen, i ordered a bamboo roman shade from overstock to try... a quick inexpensive fix that makes the whole room feel pulled together and different enough to pacify me for a while.

curious about what other designers unearth on the massive discount site, i asked a few of my favorite bloggers for their top 10 overstock pics.

jenny from little green notebook

betsy and sarah from the estate of things

caitlin creer from cc interiors

nick olsen

erika from urban grace

and moi

(click through to flickr for product links)


  1. I love this! Everyone found some great items!

  2. Genius post - What a great idea! I'm loving all these picks.

  3. Ok, you're killing me here. However, you do win the prize for the best posting of 2010. As a person with a Phd in Bargain Hunting - this post had me salivating. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  4. Thanks - I'll be spending hours surfing Overstock tonight!

  5. i have been hoping one of my fave bloggers would do this exact thing....genius! great job everyone!

  6. wow, this was a great idea. i've had some great overstock finds but it can be really overwhelming just to peruse. thanks for sharing these great resources!

  7. Okay that greek key shower curtain couldn't make it to my hopping cart fast enough!

    It is so fun to see everyone's finds.

    thanks for inviting me to participate!

    You are the best!

  8. I loved this! My blood is pumping a little faster as I can't wait to explore.

  9. Loved this post. I never would have dreamed that Overstock had such great rugs.

  10. great post! i just picked up that cream & blue rug (the last one!) for my living room. perfect impulse buy!

  11. just when I had given up on the rug section at the big "O" Jenny draws me back in with her picks

  12. Can I just say that you rock!

  13. the motion that this is awesome. I love Overstock.

  14. what fun to see what everyone else found! i sure had fun making my picks! thanks for having me!!!
    ps- I'll trade you a turq lamp for that hello kitty thing!?

  15. Thank you!! That Genesis rug is what I have been looking for - and it was 15% off! Excellent post!

  16. Cool post. I was sad though that the links on your pics and Erika's pics seem to be messed up... couldn't find the link for the couch you picked or some of the things Erika picked.

  17. This was a fun project Jamie! Thanks for all the hard work of photo-shopping everyone's selections.

  18. I love this! Who knew the O was so great. Love all the mid-century stuff.


  19. Overstock is sometimes overwhelming. Is it any wonder? There's some good stuff on there! Thanks for this post!

  20. great items and i love how different they all are!

  21. Love these roundups esp the estate of things picks. Totally up my ally.

  22. why do i always forget about overstock?

    great post!


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  45. These sorts of clubs can be found in most towns and cities and therefore there will become a slimming club in your area. Normally the meetings very last about an hour they usually include getting weighed (certainly) and sharing plenty of tips and concepts to help you keep you about the proper observe. Also viewed as a fantastic spot to meet up with men and women and make like minded good friends that could aid you whilst that you are on your weight decline journey.

    In keeping with training to lose weight, workout is very important to shedding bodyweight, due to the fact it may help to restrict your calorie consumption. Once you burn up off energy, together with the use of exercising, the body absorbs less calories. This can be what can make it possible suitable for you to lose weight. Even though your initial though might be to start doing exercises up to attainable, right away, you may choose to refrain from carrying out so. In the event you arent generally bodily lively, it's best to start out out slow. This could considerably decrease your chance of accidents.

  46. Small calorie and small crab eating plan is probably the safest rapid fat decline diet plan.F (metabolic rate then food plan then health), and when you do the right points with each, then make no error about this, you will see success in your to begin with week! In actual fact, when i shifted my concentrate all around and started to target much more on boosting my metabolism with diet regime and exercising, I dropped near five lbs . in my first week. Don't let this discourage you! Excess weight reduction means nothing at all if you are not slimming down, correct? So, as opposed to stressing about how much excess weight you're shedding, aim much more on what number of inches you have managed to shave off of your human body.Improve your fiber ingestion. Most people who plan to physical exercise often or abide by a diet program meticulously surrender within a pair of days or perhaps weeks. The human physique is created up of about 2/3 water

    What individuals need is a disciplined thoughts that will force them to stick to their ambitions by any means costs. What we have to do is consume a glass of water in advance of meals. Drink as a lot drinking water when you can, but stay away from having beverages with high calorific price. By doing this, your whole body will never go through significant fluctuations in glucose ranges. It can help the persons to drop their fat quicker. Luckily, I figured out some tricks and managed to last but not least shed the burden off with a very little bit of function and consistency!achieve.

  47. Look at to try to eat fiber and protein wealthy meals - Protein plentiful meals these as chicken, egg whites, fishes, lentils and soy items are truly incredibly very good and do not cause you to genuinely experience hungry quickly. These meals products continue to keep the muscle, therefore performs a crucial role in burning of fats and calories. Fiber affluent foodstuff items carry out an significant part in healthful bowel actions. The a lot a lot more fiber you consume, the a lot much more are the possibilities of dropping these unnecessary kilos. Diet regime wealthy in fiber are generally lowered in calorie. You can take in a sizable fiber cereal food plan as part of your breakfast and continue on remaining full and energized all the way through the early morning. This could stop you from eating unhealthy meals this sort of as muffins or chocolate bars etc just in advance of your lunch. Apples, mangoes, broccoli and nuts have very excellent fiber subject material.

    You will discover basically some preferred food plan approaches which can be depending on the principle of fasting however they are classified as the kinder type. Sure, fasting sets our body to hunger mode necessitating one to eliminate selected varieties of food other than perhaps one particular or two. An excellent example is the fruit fasting. In this particular fasting technique, the individual is necessary to feed on fruits - uncooked fruits, fruit juices, fruit shakes. The same goes when a person employs the bread fasting.

  48. What individuals have to have is often a disciplined brain that might drive them to stay to their objectives by any means expenses. Whatever you need to do is drink a glass of drinking water well before meals. Consume as much water when you can, but stay away from owning beverages with higher calorific benefit. This way, your whole body will not endure critical fluctuations in glucose levels. It can help the people to shed their bodyweight more quickly. Fortunately, I figured out a few secrets and techniques and managed to finally shed the weight off with a little bit of do the job and consistency!obtain.

    Dieters have to careful about selecting the menu. Some women may well want to get rid of excessive excess weight before their marriage ceremony day. Sadly, several folks resort to speedy body weight loss and design unrealistic and not possible excess weight decline.Finally, often use a timetable in your eating plans.How to lose weight fast? It is a dilemma which is usually asked by persons who're inside a hurry to get rid of their surplus body weight. and boy was I improper!

  49. Alright, 1st factors very first.Comply with a regular meal schedule. Greens include wonderful contents that could enable raise metabolic process, which is able to cause an advancement in well-being. -Lose weight fast' may be the mantra of significant pounds people today.Protein permits you to make and continue to keep lean muscle tissue. You might want to cook dinner and prepare your own private foodstuff if you'd like to slim down

    Doing cardiovascular physical exercises for a minimum of thirty minutes everyday allows burn calories promptly and would make you lose weight fast.Are you currently desperately looking for how to lose weight fast? Would you need to know how you can definitely crush excess fat far from your whole body and begin to receive the aspiration overall body you've been dying for? Then you have to fork out notice now, as I am likely to share along with you 2 uncomplicated diet tips that will make your body fat run for hiding!. Getting a lot of 1 diet program will trigger the incorrect final results.

  50. Minimal calorie and lower crab food plan is among the most secure rapid weight loss diet regime.F (metabolic process then diet plan then physical fitness), and if you do the proper issues with just about every, then make no mistake about this, you will note success with your first week! The truth is, when i shifted my emphasis all around and began to target a lot more on boosting my metabolic process with food plan and performing exercises, I dropped near 5 pounds in my to begin with week. Really don't allow this discourage you! Body weight reduction usually means nothing at all in case you are not slimming down, correct? So, in place of stressing about how much bodyweight you're shedding, target a lot more on the quantity of inches you've got managed to shave off within your body.Grow your fiber intake. A lot of people who choose to exercise on a regular basis or comply with a diet plan meticulously give up within just a couple of days or even weeks. The human body is made up of about 2/3 water

    It can be an enhancement in metabolic rate that leads to rapid unwanted fat burning procedure. Dietary changes with workouts would be the most effective strategy to lose weight fast.One of several most daunting processes that individuals experience nowadays is that of slimming down. Exercising is like the engine of the motor vehicle, your metabolism is definitely the car by itself, and dieting will be the gas. As opposed to replacing them with whole-grain solutions, deliver additional of greens in your platter. Additionally, they'll also consider ingestion of meals quite a few periods a day fairly taking in thrice or four instances per daygain.

  51. The secret's to decide on a course along with a routine that healthy into your way of living and suit your system.If you wish to binge on white breads, pastas and white rice as well often, steer clear of them for at the very least per week. The best news, conversely, is usually that you'll find quite a few methods that somebody can use on how to lose weight fast. Also, keep away from solutions acquiring higher sodium and carbohydrate content, because they are likely to generate your whole body hold drinking water. On the other hand, sophisticated carbs present in greens choose for a longer period time for you to be digested and you really don't feel like ingesting anything at all for lengthier. However for myself, I'd to discover which the tricky way! I might just consume what I wished and assumed busting my butt with training would allow it to be all alright

    which consists of dieting.Rather than eating a similar things just about every day, look at to vary things up each and every after and awhile. For several specialists, speedy body weight reduction is unrealistic, but some so-called weight reduction specialists have launched items that assure quickly burning of individuals difficult to reduce fats.You need to look brilliant for an upcoming function.Engage inside of a entire body training. You can get fiber from fruits and vegetablesget.

  52. Among the list of lots of strategies that you just can go about accomplishing a extra fat fat loss or swift body weight decline is by minimizing the food items you try to eat. When cutting down your foodstuff usage, it is actually crucial which you only lessen your usage a little bit. Sadly, several people who desire to accomplish rapidly weight decline think they have to end eating entirely, regardless if it can be for 2 or three days. That is definitely a thing that you don't desire to do. When you resume ingesting yet again, you may likely obtain all of your current excess weight back again, nearly mechanically. It is additionally crucial to mention that starving yourself is dangerous on your wellbeing.

    Slimming clubs are already close to for several years now and a lot of people today consider advantage of the assistance they will supply and also several pick out not to. This might be given that they are possibly embarrassed by their excess fat or they could just lack the arrogance to socialize among others. Lots of people lose weight in this way and it could possibly and infrequently does lead to persons losing a great deal of bodyweight plus much more importantly sustaining their new perfect fat.

  53. When you really need to lose weight then it truly is always better to select the pure process of eliminating the additional weight present inside your system. On the list of most important things that you'll want to do for body fat reduction is increase your fee of metabolic process.Along with the help from the elevated fee of metabolism you are able to effortlessly burn the additional unwanted fat which is existing inside your physique. There are specific ideas which may allow you to to understand how to lose weight fast. The first detail that you ought to do is consist of lots of nutritious foodstuff inside your diet.

    Slower metabolic rate means it will likely be a lot extra hard for you personally to shed the additional pounds no matter how little the amount of energy you intake. Instead than notably minimizing energy you will need to focus on balanced consuming routines and balanced meals that offer the body with all the nourishment it requires. If your body gets the correct nutrients that you are not likely to be hungry, metabolic rate will run sturdy and lose weight a great deal more conveniently.

  54. You ought to know what to try to eat and exactly how considerably of it to take in, dependant on your metabolic fee along with your constitution.A superior weight diet program would feed your whole body with a lot more energy than your system desires or will be able to expend. You must training so as to expend your energy plus the excess fat in the system to get rid of your extra pounds. It doesn't issue just how long you're during the fitness center, or how long you simply jogged for, if the eating plan will not be in check, then the outcome are likely to be nominal to none.You must abide by a particular kind of life-style and alter your behavior that hinder your weight reduction program. A well balanced and healthy diet that feeds your entire body along with the specific amount of nourishment that it wants would retain you from getting body weight

    Just take time to take in a well balanced diet program all the time. Keep away from pizza, fries, burger, ice cream, along with other processed food, because they are superior in calories and sodium. Have got a one-day break, and then you are able to jump right back again in your bodyweight decline routine. This rapidly pounds reduction diet plan restricts the intake of calories and carbohydrates, the place the excess fat subject material while in the human body burned for metabolic actions. But this requirements determination, time, and effort. This will assist lose weight fast in an even way

  55. The ways in which it is doable is by consuming smaller sized meals usually for the duration of the day, shifting calories, ingesting wholesome meals built-in with cheat meals within a special way, consuming the appropriate nutrients that increase your metabolic rate (for instance darkish inexperienced veggies and foods higher in anti-oxidants), plus much more. On top of that, when performing push-ups, hold your again and legs inside of a straight line to help make them extra productive.Drink plenty of water. (WOW which was sort of impressive! I am likely to be certain I copyright that quote without delay. You can consist of chilly water fish, nuts, seeds, avocado, and healthy oils together with olive and flaxseed oils in everything you take in as these are typically excellent sources of healthier fats. Having said that, it isn't included in the healthy methods to lose weight

    Read through the fantastic short article underneath that gives you with ideas to lose weight easily inside of a week. If searching to the greatest way on how to lose weight fast, the best detail that you just can do to yourself is always to try to eat healthy. With willpower, system, persistence and appropriate bodyweight decline regime, any individual can quickly shed their lbs . and acquire right into a balanced existence.six. Clean nutritious meals consist of parts that assist your body in regulating the weight ranges. It contains reduced crab and low-calorie diet regime

  56. Frequently persons that try to lose weight will generally uncover they will likely absence the drive to do well and this is the place an excellent assist community will likely be hugely beneficial. With ongoing assistance, excess weight loss as well as determination to lose weight can become significantly simpler. You will find many means out there to individuals on the diet program and we are able to converse a bit about them in this post.

    How to lose weight fast naturally or tips on how to drop excess excess weight in a week or so is actually a dominant situation that is particularly considerably related for chubby and obese people. It is just a rather properly acknowledged point that bodyweight damage diet plan dietary supplements and nutritional nutritional supplements to drop extra fat could lead on to vital wellbeing issues. Hunger food plan applications or crash eating plan programs are regular but harmful ways of shedding bodyweight fast.

  57. Anytime you are feeling hungry you may munch on them as a substitute of munching on chips and chocolates. If you need to learn a lot more techniques about how to lose weight fast then training could be the other smartest thing. Undertaking standard physical exercise may be exciting.Number of people today feel that they need to apply tricky and physically demanding exercises to lose weight. But this is not the reality. You are able to easily lose weight in the event you wander day-to-day. You need to wander no less than for half-hour and it'll make it easier to boost your charge of rate of metabolism.Besides this, you furthermore mght need to make certain which you are bodily energetic. Body weight loss for ladies is a vital difficulty for the reason that ladies can confront quite a lot of troubles when they are obese. So now you already know how to lose weight fast.

    Hoodia Gordonii continues to be offered like a organic hunger suppressant for your couple of a long time, but it may be used as one in South Africa for years and years. The Hoodia diet pill is produced from the extract from the cactus-like Hoodia Gordonii plant, and is also all natural. To this point, no research have revealed any uncomfortable side effects from taking Hoodia or any bad interactions with drugs.If you are on the diet program, you desire each of the aid that you can get but not at the expenditure of your wellbeing. All natural fat reduction supplements can be a good way to eliminate extra weight a lot quicker than you'd in any other case, and a lot of can come with further health benefits too.

  58. A very popular misperception about fat reduction is having a hunger or enormously reduced calorie kind of diet plan. It may look that reducing a tremendous quantity of energy might be the greatest strategy to swift weight loss, nonetheless it could really make slimming down more tough in your case.If you minimize a lot of energy, one's body will go into what's termed "starvation mode". Simply this implies that your body will commence to think about your starvation so your fat burning capacity will slow down so to protect vitality along with your overall body goes to start out to cling to many of the further extra fat that your body has stored.

    Consider to try to eat fiber and protein abundant meals - Protein ample meals these as chicken, egg whites, fishes, lentils and soy merchandise is genuinely extremely fantastic and don't make you actually experience hungry swiftly. These meals items continue to keep the muscle mass, for that reason performs a critical purpose in burning of fats and energy. Fiber affluent foodstuff products carry out an important element in healthful bowel actions. The quite a bit more fiber you take in, the a whole lot additional will be the possibilities of shedding these unneeded kilos. Diet plan rich in fiber are normally diminished in calorie. You can try to eat a substantial fiber cereal diet program within your breakfast and proceed getting total and energized during the morning. This could give up you from consuming harmful foodstuff this sort of as muffins or chocolate bars and so on just before your lunch. Apples, mangoes, broccoli and nuts have very great fiber material.