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By 9/15/2009

so i'm *probably* taking on a bigger than big new venture in the next little bit, so i'm trying to prepare myself mentally. i'm reading some pema chodron - she's a buddhist nun who wants us all to make ourselves happy first so we can in turn alleviate everyone else's suffering. easy peasy.

so last night, she told me about the importance of making offerings. offering things up is going to free me from the pain of self-absorption. she wants me to offer every sumptuous object that i enjoy. more from her book no time to lose:

"instead of desirable things becoming objects of greed, we turn them into vehicles of liberation by using them to make the best of offerings. we can luxuriate in wonderful fantasies and visualize sumptuous offerings not only for ourselves but also for all sentient beings. we can delight in our daydreams, and then give it all away! anything we offer uncovers our inherent good qualities cultivating this practice is a very straightforward, nonconceptual way to uncover our basic goodness."

alright, fabulous. here we go.

we'll start with fall shoes for internet friends.

betsy, hot off the offering. you get these delicious furry marc jacobs boots. enjoy.

, these eff me louboutins = yours. offered from me.

nick, take these vans as i uncover another layer of goodness. they're snappy.

bryn, you get these slouchy stingray trim boots. i am SELFLESS to give these away.

jenny, i'm giving you these. you're all tall and long legged with that sassy haircut. delight in them.

and katie, pour vous. when you get home from portugal - a nonconceptual package on your doorstep. these lovelies inside.


  1. So jealous. I know we don't know each other but all those yummies so look like somewhere between a 7 and 7.5? If so, can I get on the "hand-me-down so you feel better boat?" love the blog. I want you to meet a dear friend of mine who just moved to Raleigh. I think yall would be BFFs.

  2. HAAAAHHHHHHHAAAAAAA!!!! thank you thank you THANK YOU!!! mine are the cutest! i love them jamie.

  3. Wow. Quite a shoe collection you are giving up! You really are serious about this!
    How do I convince my well-shoed friends to get on this band wagon ;) Ok, maybe that's not quite the spirit... but your friends sure are lucky beneficiaries of your journey!!

  4. just to make sure we're all on the same page, all you have to do is VISUALIZE you're giving pretty things away. even if you don't have them. you're just offering nice things. that's all.

  5. LOVE THIS! Isn't she amazing?
    Aren't YOU amazing! (:

  6. Simone of Elizabeth CitySeptember 15, 2009 at 4:21 PM

    V. glad you clarified this exercise. I was screaming "Whaaaat??!!" at the gifting of the Louboutins I had just been eyeing yesterday on net-a-porter. Then it dawned on me it wasn't a literal gift, though still a wonderful and generous gesture.

  7. Very funny! And fabulous stuff.

  8. Love this! I did the same thing on my blog this summer. Giving lots of delicious fictional items to my sister (read all about my "sky mall" game!)

    I do this in real life too... I thrift shop a lot to find myself new things to wear and to sell on the ebay... But I end up giving away most of it my friends because the delight of giving them a $4 prada skirt is always more gratifying than the $100 ebay payoff...(or whatever I imagine it to be..)

    I am excited for your new opportunity- I am sure you will excel with your normal enthusiasm, with and charm that you seem to own.

    Now I am looking up Pema Chodron to see what words of wisdom she has for me!

    I do agree though- giving away things you love normally ends up feeling free of self absorption. I try to give something to everyone who comes to my house- whether its a drink or snack or an awesome dress that would look better on a girlfriend than on me. Life is rich!

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  10. I just found your blog and am cracking up at your design star post! SO FREAKING FUNNY! I love bloggers who write what they think instead of always being crowd pleasers. So Funny! Most of the time I think the same of Jonathan Adler. I toured one of his projects (suites in Planet Hollywood) in Vegas last year. It was terrible. No attention to detail. Just sparkly crap on top of neon crap. But I'm sure it would be very unpopular for me to blog about:)

  11. This is a great post. I went to college in Boulder, Pema is a hero there. I saw her a few times, she's truly amazing. (Don't you love how I am referring to her on a first name basis, yea, she doesn't know me.)

    Do you think selling furniture/fabrics/accessories to our clients would be considered an 'offering'?! I wish! I understand your need to read her and other books regarding Buddhist thought being in the industry we're in. It's easy for ourselves and our clients to get caught up in always wanting to have more, or better, or different, or new or one of a kind, or old... blah blah. It's nice to remember that these are just things. They are impermanent like the rest of this world. It's also nice to remember giving is more important than receiving.

  12. has anyone knocked off those loubs yet? that's right, I said it. If I could buy the fake Manolo Timbs in college, someone has knocked off these. (that's full disclosure here)

  13. My dad was super poor growing up and one year there were no presents. So they clipped pictures in magazines of what they wanted to give. He said it was one of the best Christmases he had.

    I think it is freeing being able to give what you would love to give.

  14. WOW. You know me TOO WELL!!!! How did you pick such a pair so perfect for me?? :) Thanks for my virtual offering!

  15. btw...i came back to look at my new shoes(still super pleased with them) and must have missed the part about the bigger than big venture...i need to know. email me please.
    also...about the self absorption thing...i know a sure fire way of doing away with that...get a kid. then anytime you think of your wants/needs/problems you will feel guilty. self absorption eliminated!

  16. I esspecially like the idea of giving shoes as our feet are the vehicles that take us throughout our daily lives...giving lovely shoes is like putting a seat belt on someone in the car...very clever!

  17. I'd really like some nude peep toe Laboutins. Thanks. :)

  18. Babaahgaha!
    I'm so sorry I missed this yesterday!

    Thank you for my fantasy furry boots. I daydreamed that we jetted over to Innsbruck Austria in them, to pick up some European Home Decor Awesomeness.