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local happenings

By 9/17/2009

1) Daily TarcHeel: Five UNC Students Arrested
sucks for yal, but who didn't see that coming?
greeks take another hit.

2) visited elizabeth edward's new furniture store today in chapel hill. not to beat a horse while it's down, but to say i was disappointed is being friendly. it's maybe 400 square feet.

3) tyler's commericial filmed on franklin street


  1. Simone from Elizabeth CitySeptember 18, 2009 at 1:10 PM

    That's too bad about EE's store. From the little I could see on the still-under-construction site, it appears the inventory includes vintage furniture and newer accessories. Would be curious to know if you were disappointed because of the limited amount of offerings or in the quality of the items.

  2. Cute commercial, but who is Tyler and why would anyone name a dog Sarah?

    There are human names that work well as animal names, but Sarah is not one of them.