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rowdy is 1 today

By 8/08/2009

today is rowdy's birthday. he has 1 full year of great dog style under his belt.
we're going to the dog park in a bit, and then he's going to get a cheeseburger.

there was a lot riding on rowdy being a good dog. i had begged, i mean buhhhegged, for a dog for over 3 years. like an 8 year old. and brian treated me as such, saying no, and who's going to walk it? and it's a big responsibility.

i did extensive dog research. brian received an onslaught of dog related emails for the better part of a year. every day. he eventually caved, after i presented him with a carefully researched dog selection sale pitch.

i decided on a standard schnauzer because they seemed like the perfect dog. they live a long time, they have no real health problems. they are delightfully medium sized but can do big dog things. they don't shed. they get along with people and other animals. they love to be included in car rides, family outings, vacations, - which was key because i was going to be taking the dog to work with me everyday.

and true to my research, rowdy has been all of these things. and in the interest of providing more googleable info for standard schnauzers, here's some more:
-rowdy does not eat cats. he coexists just fine with 3 of them, and is possibly becoming besties with paris. they pal about and bother each other equally.
-rowdy can swim, and loves to. he can fetch as well as any retriever, but doesn't have the weird obsession/fixation with the toy like some dogs do.
-rowdy can learn a new trick within 20 minutes - he's super smart
-he loves boating and has no hesitation standing on the bow of the boat in dog figurehead capacity.
-he does bark when someone knocks on the door, or a visitor shows up. it's not a mean bark, but an alerting bark. standard schnauzers were clearly bred to be watch dogs. he sleeps right in front of the door every night.
-he loves to ride in the car.
-he does need grooming, but we've done it ourselves which usually results in a white trash look.
-he loves meeting other dogs much more than he loves meeting new people.
-he will dart at squirrels and other small animals when he's out - and i haven't found a way to stop that.
-he was phenomenal to bring to work, even as a puppy. he slept most of the day and happily chewed a bone when he was awake.
-he didn't have much of a puppy phase - there were a few casualities like sunglasses, pillows, flip flops and camera cords, but overall, he was very mature as a puppy and handled himself very well. he was out free dogging at night in less than 2 months.

so if you're thinking of getting a dog, i vote standard schnauzers. they are next to impossible to find, but very much worth it when you finally bring your bearded friend home.


  1. Rowdy is so cute. We have two cats now and would love to add a dog to the family. Our work hours just make it really tough. And neither can bring a dog to work. I have never considered this breed but with your helpful facts, it is a possibility. I volunteer at a shelter in my spare time and have never seen this breed come in so I will have to keep my eyes open.

  2. Awww. Happy Birthday Mister Rowdy! He's a sweet pup!

  3. Happy Birthday Rowdy

    From Ringo the Schnauzer in Australia

  4. Happy birthday, Rowdy. It appears you have everything under control. Another human family has been conquered by doggy love. Way to go!

  5. Mattie Schnauz says "happy burfday. hope you have a pawty."
    Really. Thats what she said.

  6. Home grooming is much easier if you shampoo first - I killed three trimmers on patient airedales before a groomer let me know that the oil and dirt make for super fug cuts.

  7. I forgot to ask what trimmers you recommend for grooming. I need to do my cats in the behind area and hate the trimmer I bought from the evil empire.

  8. I grew up with a miniature schnauzer, and I think they're (all sizes) adorable. I didn't realize the didn't shed, though. That's worth a heck of a lot to me!

  9. I've been following your site in my RSS feed for months now, and can't say why I've never commented (apart from sheer laziness), but I'm finally breaking that lame-ass streak to wish Rowdy a happy birthday.

    Happy birthday!

    Also great to see that my husband and I aren't the only ones who obsessively researched breeds before deciding on the perfect dog (for us, it's a rescued greyhound).

  10. Hi--first time commenter here. I couldn't resist commenting on a post about such a cute puppy! And I had to laugh because so much of what you wrote sounds just like what I went through to get a dog. I FINALLY got one and she's 10 months old and my husband is agreeing that having a dog is a good thing!

    Happy Birthday Rowdy!

    Love your blog by the way!

  11. Your story is so much similar to mine! :) I got a shih tzu, she is turning 2 in september. :)

  12. Is it scary to trim Rowdy's ears and face? I have a 1 yr old cocker/poodle mix, and trim him myself...but I'm so afraid to do his face that he's starting to look ridiculously shaggy around the eyes and ears! Any advice? Rowdy looks great!

  13. Hey Hannah!
    Nope not scary at all. Rowdy is pretty laid back and let's me snip away. You can do it w/o any snaffus. I'm sure.