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By 8/27/2009

no, not kidding. i did. again. now featuring white and red and silver.

highlights: books from the flea market in detroit.
and guess what ANON, i might not ever read them - they are PURELY decorative.
sike. i'll read them. only so i can wear my head lamp and fluster brian meares at night.

we have one at the beach, one at the crib. both = suck

not an evildoer.
vacuum balls! are delightful! really!

how you know you're doing something right
new growth
(sounds like a twilight title)

one of those drawers i just cleaned out. everything we need to get to quickly in case of an emergency. aviators. sparklers. baseball. drumsticks. vacuum balls

how tonight is shaping up. yeahhah brit! get you some!


  1. Seeing your shelf re-do makes me feel like less of a crazy person. It seems like I am constantly moving my 50,000 accessories around the apt trying to find the perfect home for them, or redoing the bookshelves everytime my bf acquires a new read.

  2. ok for realz! i have similar can opener anger issues. i walked into william sonoma about 2 weeks ago to get some new tongs and saw a basic can opener, black handles silver everything else for 10 bucks. bought it and it is THE cadillac of can openers. truly. smooth, effortless...easy. there is no name on it. which makes it even cooler. its just perfect in it's basicness.

    new growth sounds like the twilight book i wish she would write if ya know what i mean.

    i have seen said us weekly and couldn't stop staring at britney's perfect bottom.

  3. A Pro-Decorative-Book AnonAugust 27, 2009 at 5:38 PM

    I love that you refer to him as "Brian Meares." So Southern.

  4. I would love to know where you purchased the shelves/brackets. Love your blog! BKC

  5. ooh, share which flea market you went to in detroit, it's going to rain all weekend and i'm tired of the ones i always go to!

  6. Purdy.
    Luvs the teeny weeny Saarinen chair.

  7. Another suggestion for can opener is this one by OXO http://www.oxo.com/OA_HTML/xxoxo_ibeCCtpOXOPrdDtl.jsp?section=10053&item=48106&minisite=10024&respid=53057&morpheus_PROD=10b99WLOaFRbVbBCRLQ-rRBH:S&morpheus_PROD_pses=morpheus_PROD%3D10b99WLOaFRbVbBCRLQ-rRBH%253AS%7E
    It is fantastic!!! You'll find yourself wanting to open every can you have in your cabinets.

  8. I had to finally de-lurk to say I noticed you're reading Outlander. I just finished it myself a couple weeks ago and LOVED it. I'm on #3 now, Voyager.

    I love your blog too!

  9. love the shelves!! my mother was constantly rearranging things in our house growing up and the same busy-body-ness is now within me...i seem to change something every week...its such a fun way to create something new and fresh without spending money!

  10. hi!

    i'm a newly annointed reader of your blog and have become a huge fan.

    thank god for the up-close shots of your books. i am a desperate snoop when it comes too book titles!


  11. A suggestion for your shelves...edit them down till you have about 2/3 as much stuff on them. Too much. Although it's all very pretty. And the red is nice too.

    And just go to target to get the OXO Mrs. Brown Dog suggested. VERY good.

  12. Where would one get those fabulous vacuum balls? and is it terribly wrong if I have no intention of using them AS vacuum balls, but simply like the jar and labeling?

    by the way, my "i hear chicago" print is happily hanging in my living room and looking lovely.
    thank you for bring joy, and a little bit of chicago, to my los angeles living room.


  13. oh good! i'm glad you like it! i'd love to see a pic.

    and you can order them online i'm sure. just google good home co.

    and at the beach, i have some in a seashell - just for the smell!

  14. shelves were from lowes. they were oak planks. and the brackets were from the container store.

  15. hahhaha jenny. i do know! have you tried outlander yet? LOTS OF GROWTH under kilts!

  16. here are the wire shelf brackets on sale

  17. The best can opener ever? The one by Pampered Chef. Honestly, it rocks my world.

    https://www.pamperedchef.com/ordering/prod_details.tpc?prodId=603&words=can opener

  18. i have tried outlander. it is fabulous. a big manly red head is just what the doctor ordered sometimes is it not?

    i am still swearing by my 10 dollars can opener.

    i stopped back by to tell you that after looking at your shelves again, i have decided that this display of your ephemera is my fave and my best.

  19. A couple things: 1) oxo can openers are The Best; 2) what color is that on your wall behind the shelves -- it's dreamy; 3) vacuum balls! thoroughly awesome! going for some right now...

  20. I had the same can opener and it finally crapped out on me! Ten dollars, total junk. Got a $4 at BB&B (with coupon, natch) and had it ever since (two years now).

    Finally good press for Brit! And JA looks lovely in that picture, even if she is the "jilted" one.

    What on earth are vaccuum beads? Do they require a special kind of vaccuum?

  21. This is my favorite shelf display yet. Yay!

    Oxo can opener. Good.

    JA: dude, why is she so crazy? I've heard coke. Can anyone confirm?

  22. I'm dying to know, why DID he choose Renee?

  23. I love this the best of all the different "stages".

    So well done. All the items compliment eachother.

  24. Love the shelves, the colors, FAB!! Makes me want to rearrange my house. Great job!!

  25. The shelves look great. I love your emergency drawer too! I seem to have grown a "party cupboard" at my place, that only contains party supplies (including sparkelers)

  26. OH MY GOD YES. I must have those shelves, this instant. I have the PERFECT place for them!!!

    Oh and Pampered Chef makes the BEST can opener. It works like a breeze AND it un-glues the top instead of slicing it off, so you can reseal it and put it in the fridge if you only use half! I know I sound like a fanatic but it's just that. awesome.

  27. I love this shelf arrangement, too, tho i also love the ephemeral-ness of the constantly changing it. But the real yumminess here for me is that wall -- sbfren, I'm with you. I've been looking for this color for months -- a little bit bright, a li'l bit soft, a little bit aqua, li'l bit not -- but every time I think i've found the perfect chip, it's not it. What is it, pray tell?! Love your blog -- thanks for making my eyes so happy all the time....

  28. I, too recently purged my life of the hell that is the Kitchen A!d can mangler.

    And I third...or fifth...or whatever...the OXO can opener.

  29. It's pickup truck blue. From b.Moore.

  30. thanks for that. i'm sure you've answered the question a million times...

  31. I have that same Kitchenaide can openeer, and yes, it fools you with its shiny red packaging and slaps you in the face when you need to really use it.

  32. Me fifteen. That KA can opener bites. I threw mine in the trash just the other day. I'm better off opening cans with my teeth.

    I think this is the best incarnation of the shelves, though I look forward to future ones.