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since you been gone

By 7/02/2009

since i lost my job in april, i've had the special opportunity of dealing with the state government, lawyers and a whole lot of frustration and waiting on a regular basis.

anyone else out there had to battle for unemployment in this climate of poop and doom?

is there a light at the end of the tunnel?


  1. I'm totally in the same place. I hope there is a light. Strength in numbers?

  2. ive been unemployed since february...
    it sucks.
    ive taken this opportunity to go back to school (part-time) but im actively trying to find a job (ANYTHING part or full-time) to pay my rent. los angeles is too freaking expensive to have 6 month bouts of unemployment.

    there better be light at the end of this tunnel.

  3. Best of luck - it's never fun to have to deal with that crap.

  4. I was laid off at the end of April. The day after I got two wisdom teeth pulled out. gee thanks..

    It took 6 weeks to get the first unemployment check. Luckily I lived pretty modestly so the unemployment money covers everything if I am careful. I worry every day that they will find some reason not to send it to me anymore.

    There are ZERO jobs in my field right now. It's horrible in Los Angeles. I just hope I can ride this out.

  5. There is light at the end of the tunnel- it will come :)

  6. I'm unemployed, too, so we'll all have to get through it together. After the 9.6% unemployment numbers came out today for June, they also said that the average job search is 24.5 weeks. I've got about 10 more weeks to go, then, and until then I plan on looking and enjoying my funemployment.

  7. My fiance was without a job for several months and as the end unemployment checks loomed, that's when he landed a new job. It does make everything seem that much schaweeter at the end.

    Your design work is awesome and from them smart economy article, they say this is a great time to build a business. Clients are more likely to remember you. So, huzzah and good luck?

  8. I thought you were tired of people complaining about the poor economy? Remember, you were going to go off to an island and have fun! Karma is a bitch, huh?

  9. i was tired of the MEDIA fueling the fire. perpetuating the problem. creating a frenzy.

    and i'm going to an island in about 15 minutes. as soon as my husband gets home.

    and actually, you're probably a bitch.

  10. I've been unemployed since last July. Since I'm soon approaching my 1 yr anniversary date I will be cut off. I also went through an appeal with my former employers and luckily won it and got free legal aid.

    Hoping to be employed soon and hope everyone else is too!

  11. Jaime, I read and giggle lots reading your posts. You have a special talent for the one liner. I like reading you not only for the joyful diversion of design porn, but also for your voice. I find myself telling people around you as try to persuade them to consider blogging for their business. Maybe you could also make a business out of social networking writing/marketing.

    And yeah, it took me two EDD interviews to finally get them to send me a check.

  12. I've been out of a job since late October and haven't had any luck finding anything. I feel like the employed have no idea what it's like and they look at you like your pathetic when you tell them you're still unemployed. It's a crazy time, I really hope it gets better soon because my parents are getting sick of their 23 year old daughter asking for money every month :)

  13. Anon 3:50.
    Totally out of line.
    Nice comeback Jamie.


  14. my boy's been unemployed since January.

    it has been AWFUL. no work, no prospects, and constant struggles with the unemployment office - whose phone doesn't ring anymore, just hangs up on you.

    i'm panicking all the time about his checks ending since I can't support both of us. They also raised our property taxes (WTF!!) an extra $400 a month till October.

    Now those have been some AWESOME phone calls.

  15. Anon 3:50

    I was thinking exactly the same thing!

  16. Just thought of something else, if putting my money in a retirement account and expecting it to be there so I CAN RETIRE is completely a selfish thought (the gist of this was in that same post that anon 3:50 referred to) then why should you be entitled to unemployment compensation?

    Just saying....

    But I guess that makes me a bitch too right?

  17. No. You're not a bitch.

    I understand your point.

    I'm not entitled to anything... In the divinely huge sense of the word. No one is. Unemployment, in my opinion is not a fundamental gamble like stocks are. It's black and white. Pay in - get out. Stock market - a risk, from the get go.

  18. furthermore, you don't choose to have money taken out of your check every month for unemployment. it just is.

    so yes, should you meet the requirements, you should get it back.

  19. Please stop with the "blame the media" thing. You and I and everyone else needs this recession documented as scrupulously as possible, as probingly as possible.

    When there's a crisis, it's the LACK of documentation that you have to be nervous about.

    The "blame the media" paranoia has the stench of under-educated people like Sarah Palin, to be honest.

  20. Once again, your ignorance is showing.

    Unemployment taxes are not paid by you, nor are they taken out of your check. They are paid by your EMPLOYER to the state unemployment fund. Therefore, not necessarily a guarantee that you will receive them, it all is determined by the reason you are no longer employed with them. i.e. Voluntarily left, fired for poor performance, lack of work, etc.

  21. i don't know much about how unemployment works. i do believe that people have the right to complain, change their minds about how they feel, and ride this roller coaster of emotions that comes along with the loss of a job. sometimes i feel like running away, other times i feel very responsible. i know my friends who were laid off feel confident one day, then feel down and hopeless the next day.

    also for you, doing something is better than doing nothing. i'm impressed.

  22. Hey Jamie
    I think you are awesome and funny as hell. I am sorry things are so tough for everyone in the US at the moment - sometimes redundancy can lead to amazing things even though it feels like total crap at the time.
    Anon from Australia x

  23. jill,
    you're right. although i did realize the employer pays them, i was also under the impression that money taken out of my check in taxes, put into the general state fund, also goes towards paying out benefits.

    but it does not, i've discovered.

    and i did specify that you should get them IF you meet the requirements.

    anyway, let's be done with this.

  24. Okay...done.

    BTW- I still think you are super talented, gainfully employed or not! ;).

  25. sorry you lost your job, but your blog has really benefited from it!I check it daily!

  26. I have been unemployed since January. I worked for local government doing, of all things, foreclosure prevention and research. I was a one-woman department. The commissioners decided to appropriate my funds for my project for the general fund. While I understand this means other people get to keep their jobs, it really sucks that I lost a job I loved and was good at. My unemployment is 142 dollars a week. I've applied for 117 jobs, had 8 interviews, and 4 job offers. Every job tells me I'm hired...and then no start date. I'm moving to another state in August, in hopes that things are better.

    Unemployment just makes you feel bad after awhile, like you've got the flu. I think being creative and volunteering are the best uses of time. Good luck lady. I wish you (and me, and others like us) the best.

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