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looking at on ebay

By 7/13/2009

some real doozies this week...
silk pillowcases, chrome console table, vintage bedspread, yellow dresser, scale, quilt, leopard corded ottoman, nikes, pink casting couch, snail

there are a few things that need our immediate attention:
1- that quilt is gorgeous. go look at the detail. the turquoise! now go build a sun porch a la ya-ya sisterhood lake house style and we'll sleep on it in our bathing suits
2- that bedspread. if you don't buy it, then i will and sell it back to you. and then make a bedroom out of it like so
3- that pink couch. repeat, that pink couch.


  1. that couch is only 46 minutes away from me...and only 2 hours left! hmm...

  2. Do you think you could tell us a little about how you comb through ebay? Search as I might, I never seem to come across the same cool stuff as you do!