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when in budget mode

By 7/08/2009

if you can't afford a fancy fabric for a window treatment, consider an urban outfitters throwback tapestry. lots of older ones (new in condition, but an older issued pattern) show up on ebay.

all you have to do for two curtain panels is split it, hem the sides, and sew a folded over pole sleeve at the top. that's all these curtains are.


  1. that is exactly what i do!
    sometimes you need 2 though if you have larger windows.
    i get compliments on mine all the time, and i didnt even hem them, just used clips and good scissors. eventually i want to put some yellow ball fringe on the edges.
    the tapestries also go on sale all the time.
    this is the one i used- i think i got it in store for $20