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By 7/15/2009

we had a tiny photo shoot for a furbish press release. this was my fave shot

and a few that won't be making the cut


  1. I will preface this by saying that I know very little about the woman, other than she had this effortless chic thing going on...and then I will say what popped into my mind at the sight of your top photo, "Hey there, Babe Paley".

  2. you are too cute.

    love your site.

    can i ask where your bedding is from? i have been searching for striped bedding F O R E V E R !

  3. I love everything! You definitely need to post glimpses into your home/work more often :D

  4. it's thomas o'brien. used to be at target ages ago. got it off ebay.

  5. Cute! I'm now mildly obsessed with that ikat tray. Please oh please where is it from?

  6. Where is that bed from?!?

    I'm a fan of Thomas O'Brien bedding too... I wish Target was still selling it.

  7. it strikes me as weird that most design and even art magazines seem to consistently feature staged shots of women with their shoes off...

    is it fetish or a signal of comfort? i don't know...but i don't really see a lot of dudes doing it.

    keep an eye out and you'll notice it all the time if you do!

  8. Dear Jamie and friends,

    I'm in need of sheepskin/synthetic sheepskin/shag advice. (Jamie's rug in picture #3 made me think of this) Love my Luddes from Ikea, and am now looking to layer some sort of sheepskin rug over a crapped out persian rug that I got off ebay (it ended up having way more stains and wear than I had bargained for, so I'm laying it on the floor upsidedown. the underside is muted and interesting, but not at all soft). So, I'm looking at larger sheepskins, like 5x7's, but they're just too much for me. Anyone out there have a synthetic one? Is it gross feeling on the feet? (this is for my daughter's bedroom- well, for her section of our shared bedroom) How do they wear, clean, etc.?

    Or maybe I should scrap the idea and go with a shag like cb2's felted wool one? Anyone have this rug? Does it shed like nuts? (do yourself a favor and don't visualize that, 'cause i did and it's not pretty) Will I be wed to my vacuum?

    Any and all input is hugely appreciated.


  9. I have that blue/white ikat tray! Pics are cute.

  10. i love your nightstands ... where did you find them?