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baby steps

By 7/07/2009

today in a fit of needing to do something to my abandoned guest room, i added a black strip to the bottom of my curtains. recall that we're after this, and just last week, we were at this.


in related news, i moved all of the office crap to the basement of guacamole and dreams. so now the guest bedroom can function autonomously, and the basement is where i'll spend my days.


  1. I threw my workspace into the basement and spent a year making it 'ready' for work.

    Aside from throwing paint on the rafters and cinder block walls, I installed a

    1. dehumidifier

    2. clock with alarm

    3. elliptical (positioned between rafters so I don't bump my fucking head) and a bowflex

    4. base station for a stronger wifi connection

    5. dust collector for refinishing projects

    It's always going to be a basement, but it is much cooler in this hot weather. I haven't done too much work down here, but my laundry is clean, my ass is toned, and the cat's litterbox is always fresh.

    Best of luck. Stay away from graphic novels, Star Trek, WoW, and LOTR.

  2. love it! not you just need a guest to enjoy your efforts. ahem.

  3. ha! love it. i do need a dehumidifier. an elipitical. a toned ass.

    did the wifi yesterday, it is cooler down there, and i added an extra cat box!

  4. Love the black strip on the bottom - great idea - so many curtains just look confused when they end!

  5. I love the black stripe. Great work!

  6. are you going to paint your fan back rattan chair?

    i think it should go black or white.

    just sayin...