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you can do it, ebay can help

By 6/14/2009

could we decorate an entire room with JUST ebay finds?

yes. yes we can.

let's start with an entry way.
first we'll get 1) grasscloth wallpaper - that's easy.

we'll put down one of the 2) lovely old kilim rugs i'm so adept at finding
(and FYI i have this exact one for sale if anyone is interested - email me)

on top of that, we'll put 3) this hot console table a la last week.

for above the table, we'll add a 4) lattice framed mirror we looked at a few posts ago

for under the console table, let's grab 5) two of these guys at $45 each, and have them reupholstered in 6) this linen stripe

now, on the table. let's put a 7) lamp on one side, then we'll add a 8) white compote to throw keys in. beside that, a 9) vintage tray to put mail and bills in. behind all that, let's prop up a 10) chalk matisse framed in white. then, 11) a stack of books - you can choose your own, and a 13) shiny hammered metal planter with 12) a bird's nest fern in it.

how do you feel about that?


  1. Hi Jamie....glad you had a fun weekend! Have you been to the Red Collection in Greensboro? If not, I think you may like it...

  2. suzanne, my mom has been but i haven't. she said it was HUGE but a little on the $$$ side. we're cheap ladies. after getting stuff off the side of the road for nothing, $30 looks pricey =)

    but yes, i do want to check it out soon!!

    how are you doing? things going ok?

  3. i feel good about that jamie. real REAL good.

  4. I agree with your mom. Most things are a little pricey. Though if you dig deep enough and get past the smell of "old people" (as described by my stepson) there are some deals to be had. Also, the inventory changes really often.

    Darn, I sound like I'm being paid by RC. I need to shut up.

    Doing great! Thanks for asking. Just swimming in a mess of stuff over on my end.

  5. you always find the best kilim rugs!