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shot through the heart

By 6/10/2009

Dear Jamie,
We wish we could join you at Bonnaroo. However, We're gonna have a party while you are away. Thanks for letting me mind I Suwannee. I'm excited.

Dear Jamie's Readers,
Thanks to you too, for letting me come play with you all! Please look at these Vintage Wooden Arrows from Noun in Portland.

When I shut my eyes real tight I can see them standing in a vase by my tv console. Where do you see 'em?


PS.... Really Jamie, you're the shiz...


  1. Jamie usually lets me post midget clown porn while she's away.

    She says it's decorative.

  2. I see the arrows hanging from strings, low, over a dining room table, like a chandelier, but all pointed down- hanging with invisible string- at different lengths of course. :)
    Nice find!!!!

  3. HI!
    My name is SUWANNEE MEENOI, come from Thailand but live in Sweden.
    Nice blog.


  4. Holy S, this is exactly the kinda party I was hoping for!

  5. I love the arrows!! I would probably put them in a floor vase like you .... until my cat pulled them out and dragged them all over the house.
    Love Vestis spectator's idea!!

  6. i love the arrows — no place for them but still love them. i have friend down at bonnaroo, too!

  7. You'd have to close your eyes real tight and keep 'em that way in my house...otherwise one of my 3 boys would stab you in the eye with them. I will, however, be getting some the minute they're grown up and out of the house.