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just for posterity's sake

By 6/14/2009

i'm posting this picture of brian meares at bonnaroo.

so that when people google brian meares (which he feels happens frequently...?) they will see this.

this = brian meares OF HIS OWN CHOOSING wearing white aviators from urban outfitters and a skull and crossbones bandanna. after he specifically told me NOT to get him any sunglasses from urban outfitters, regardless that they were $4, because he doesn't wear 'hipster crap like that'.


  1. I'm not sure which is better...the sunglasses or the crabby lady behind him? She looks like she wants to die.

    How was it? I haven't been since before I had the kiddo and I would have loved to go this year. I'm just not a camper though.

  2. i googled brian meares (as I do daily) and this popped up! What a wonderful surprise. thank you isuwannee, whoever you are.