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By 5/29/2009

a few weeks ago, on the way home from the beach, i shrieked loudly at brian - which i do often, but this time it was because there was a hot air balloon floating down the interstate beside us.

i'd forgotten how lovely they are. i used to see them a lot when i was young - they'd land in a big corn field that was behind our house - but it's been forever since i've seen one flying.

we talked about it and both decided we want to take a hot air balloon ride sooner than later. we don't do nearly enough exciting things. like get your heart racing, exhilarating, wonderfully scary adrenaline rushing fun things.

a few summers ago, at the lake, i jumped off the top of the boat house into the water. in st. john, we went sailing in 12 foot waves (brian says 5). really. that's about all i have.

at the old J O B, my heart raced all the time, but that was because I never knew what kind of shitstorm i was walking into each day.

what do you do to get an adrenaline rush these days?


  1. I don't know exactly where you live, or how your vacay prospects are but might I suggest the great mississippi balloon race (festival) in Natchez, MS. It's in October. Book your B&B now.

  2. I LOVE hot air balloon's too! I always get excited when I see them. Taking a ride in one is definitely on my to do list!

  3. Drive the Long Island Expressway and live to tell.