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ivy cottage and dance off watch

By 5/21/2009


so ivy cottage is a VAST consignment shop in wilmington nc - they've grown to fill three buildings and a huge warehouse. you have to be in the mood to be overwhelmed, but you can turn up some amazing finds.

which brings me to: eddie ross, et al. yal's glorious etsy offerings are a dime a dozen. they're a glimmer in the big haired, capri pant, gold jewelry wearing, this is "eck-pense-sive wedgewood!" tauting ladies's eyes who lord over the ivy cottage.

i'm sorry - i know i sound punchy. i do think there's value in finding pretty things for people. traffic being sent your way, hopefully. not hating, but possibly suggesting a dance off?

some things i spotted with my below average camera phone:
ivy18ivy cottage
our purchase - this lovely gray and yellow dhurrie my mom got for 1 hundo $.

(oops! how did rowdy get in there!)


  1. hot damn... some great finds, indeed!

  2. 1. That place looks AWESOME!!!!
    2. You brought up my blog quasi-nemesis- Eddie Ross- his blog and his etsy store drives me INSANE-O!!! His blog is pretty much a How-to these days of how to buy his etsy items and style them together. And I can only imagine who the people are who A.) like him and B.) would pay for AND need a guided flea market tour to buy his style. I shudder. seriously. But I seriously love your dhurrie!

  3. Whilst I do like the Ivy Cottage, as a wilmingtonian (for, like, ever), it's not my fav. BUT they do have some amazing pieces if you're willing to dig for 'em! Just make sure they weren't at goodwill the week before, and smell suspiciously of new paint. ;)

  4. it's like one eyed willie's treasure...me oh my...too bad john will not allow me to go there this weekend. so are yall going to be at m-boro all weekend? we will be on the beach - same spot as last year.

  5. I used to live in Wilmington. Oh how I miss it. Some really great finds there.

  6. Wow! What an awesome place!!

  7. i live all the way in boone during the school year, but this store might be worth a trip to the other corner of the state : )

  8. OMG! Ready to get in my car, drain my bank account, and head straight for this amazing place! Thanks for sharing!

  9. that wicker lounger is TO DIE FOR... great finds!

  10. Former Wilmingtonian here, and I gotta agree with Jade. My mom had a yard sale several years ago and one of the employees/owners gave her this super weepy sad story of a husband in the service/having to set up a home alone/waiting for husband to return/etc. Mom fell for the pathetic story and sold her things at low prices to help her out. Where did they end up, you ask? For sale at the Ivy Cottage with a large mark up.

    Maybe its the name of the game, but the whole thing made me loose respect for them intentionally trying to play someone like that.

    Haven't set foot in the IC since and have no need to ever again. I, too can go to yard sales and throw a coat of white paint on some crap too.

  11. oh my gosh, so funny — i have the same exact gray/yellow dhurrie rug! i bought the sample (from wisteria) at the end of a photo shoot. love that rug.