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By 4/25/2009

it's 90ยบ+ today. that's hot. rather than participate i watched brian mess around with his new garden, and documented for posterity.
he's no edward cullen, but i'm going to keep him

this is the begonia who's living in front of the house and happy thus far.

this is my driveway. it's lovely and brick, but of no use to me because it is filled with things that aren't mine, and generally don't move.

other successes around the house include rowdy co-existing somewhat peacefully with his sister prowler, and with his sister paris in the backyard, as they work together to dig for a common cause - a vol maybe?

this, my friends, is another off the street find, which i lugged home whilst walking rowdy and now have a bruise the size of wichita kansas on my side. i'm painting it yellow, clearly.

likewise with this wine crate - on the street with the table! i lined it with plastic and planted zinnias in it.

you can now release your bated breath - this is what i decided to do with the basement of dreams and guacamole and two columns in the middle of the room.

this is the wisteria growing on the trellis out back, which has decided to come back to life just this week, and is making me immensely happy.

and this - this is a page i ripped out of martha because it's lovely. we've already tried at least 5 of the colors in different rooms in our house, since i've failed to develop any cohesive color scheme.


  1. If no-one's using that yellow Series III Landy in your drive, I'll be happy to add it to my collection here in South Africa! :-)

  2. This is like the best post ever. There's Rowdy, there's that yellow-painted thing, there are things that "generally don't move," there's the BODAG, and there are happy flowers. Best post ever.

  3. Your basement is beautiful! Those stairs. I want to live on those stairs.

  4. I am "off the street" shopping in the wrong places! Sweet find!

  5. i am really impressed with your off the street finds and what you do with them!

    our last experience with trying to grab something off the street was a papasan chair - my husband went in for the kill and ended up with puke all over his hand. we were grossed out and left it there. :)

  6. Love the wine planter box and the kitty with the crossed arms! Great post.