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foot = partially out of mouth?

By 3/12/2009

in regards to my economy post, i'm thinking maybe i didn't have my thoughts put together very well, and i apologize if i sounded cavalier. i know times are tough - for everyone - and if you take anything from it, i hope it's that a positive attitude has more benefit to everyone than a negative one, and that the media is a circus. and that i'd like to live on an island one day.

let's delight in this purple room together, and call it good?


  1. It's all good. You engaged us in a little conversation, and we all learned something from the spirited discussion that resulted.

    At least when we get out this mess, we should all be a little bit smarter about our personal finances and maybe someday we'll even have a little extra to spend on a day of living on an island.

  2. Actually, it was your economy post that was linked somewhere else that got me to read your blog which is now on my favorites! I thought it was awesome and I love your blog.

  3. hey-

    i pretty much agreed with your economy post ('cept maybe the moving to an island part- not so practical that). people should definitely stop focusing on what the media says, and focus on their lives instead. it's kind of like post-9/11 hysteria, where everyone thought their city was next, but 8 years later all that has changed is that flying is a bitch.

    so don't sweat it- we all need to think a little different about things now, and different voices and opinions (like yours) are needed. yeah, things are bad, but does it affect us personally? and how can we change thing around on a personal level if so- *that* is where our focus should be, not on the whole "sky is falling" circus generated by the media.

    ps- i agree, pedestal sinks are stoopid. don't work even in a seldom used powder room- the extra tp, the toilet brush & room spray still needs to be hidden *somewhere*.

  4. I think we need more posts like your economy post! While there are many people hurting right now since layoffs are becoming quite common, I think they'd be in much better shape if they didn't have a huge house mortgage and 15k worth of credit card debt (which seems to be the norm now). What on earth did you think would happen if you lost your job? Maybe if we all didn't let ourselves become convinced that we *needed* to own a home that we could barely afford, we wouldn't all be hurting as much when we lose our income. Oh, and hasn't anyone ever heard of a thing called savings? You need one of those cushions to help with the tough times.

    So- take your foot out of your mouth because I think how you feel and what you wrote was refreshing!!

  5. Love that purple room, love your blog. I thought that post brought out some really good comments. And OMG love that American Apparel T-shirt down below.

  6. Your economy blog, and ensuing comments, touched on two truths: one, the hysteria is, well, hysterical in a manic, morbid, paralyzing way. but two, the problems are real and there's also a value in remembering that while (i personally) am seriously bumming that i can't plunk down fistfuls of cash to redo my kitchen, there are families, and children, sleeping in homeless shelters because their parents have lost their jobs, not because they necessarily went on a shopping spree, which frankly, we all love to do. (let's be real, most of our fave blogs are devoted to material things we want. now.) so yeah, let's shift our focus a bit, and our priorities. maybe by doing something about those who are hurting - volunteering, donating to a favorite cause - then taking time to enjoy a dinner with the people we love the most in our kitchens (however worn-down those kitchens may be). thanks for getting everyone talking.

  7. what a bummer where those comments to the original post headed - some got downright nasty. i, for one, like reading this blog for the sinks and the bookcase and the conversation. and since it is your blog, i think you get to start the conversation however you want. isn't that the point of these things? it is a real shame that folks are so hysterical these days that they check their manners at the door. we can all have a real conversation, even in a forum like this, without being insulting.

  8. Hear, hear! My bedroom growing up was a very close shade of purple, and let me tell you it produced the most glorious glow in the morning (which is saying a lot).

  9. On a completely non-economy related note-- just found your blog today. Have been harassing my friends all day with various links I've found on your blog and loved.

    Also, "why you burn my little ass arms" is definitely about to become a household phrase for me.

  10. No need to apologize: we all have our own perceptions of the world. If/when the reality of this economic crisis affects you directly, you will better understand it.

  11. i'm looking forward to living once again in a country that has the boldness and zest to figuratively paint our rooms purple. sure maybe the sky is falling. lets pick it up.

    the economic situation really is a crisis for a lot of people- their fault or not. i think it has exposed a lot of weaknesses in our system. for example, my parents- quite comfortable, even rich on paper, very responsible savers and buyers. one is in advertising and the other in travel- both industries at risk. my mom has rheumatoid arthritis. if she loses her job she is going to lose her health insurance. and then those costs could cause them to lose their savings, and eventually their home. it makes me a little panicky to think about it, so i dont.

    this system we have created is so fragile! lets hope it is a wake up call and that we collectively use our imaginations and will to change things so that we can rebuild the support structures that should undergird such a wealthy society. maybe then we wont need to go to an island to chill out- we can rest at night knowing that this country takes care of its citizens... and the folks that live on that island too.

  12. I like lavender/purple, but it looks weird on my olive-ish skin tone. That room does look comforting though.

    I think it's important to post about rather "hot" topics. It exposes people to other view points. It makes us all think, and hopefully compels a few to take action on issues they're interested in. I also find it important for creative-type blogs and other media to create discussions on things that aren't always necessarily pretty, with this whole economy issue, for example.

  13. Yes, just the sheer hypocrisy of having this discussion while simultaneously discussing a new sink purchase and getting rid of a perfectly good if only slightly inconvenient one is just too much for me. There is so much ignorance as to who this recession is effecting in all of those comments from the last post. May God continue to bless you all with continued ignorance. There are plenty of hard working meager living folks who have lost jobs in fields that are currently dried up. It is not that they threw it all in the stock market or didn't go to college and get a professional degree or over bought on their home. Even if you have 6 months of living expenses saved up it is still terrible to think about what happens if you can't pull it together by the end of that. Of course you will try and not just sit at home and cry, but the reality is that it is upsetting to read about people being so self righteous about financial responsibilty as if they have done something different than other people currently experiencing bad times. That is why this is scarry and people talk about it alot because you can be doing exactly what you are suppose to be doing and then get totally screwed over. Yes, I agree an island sounds nice but so does being able to pay for health insurance.

  14. It's not just people who went on shopping sprees and racked up credit card debt and too much mortgage..

    It's regular, hard working, educated young professionals that are supporting themselves entirely, trying to build a career and trying to live in an expensive city (where the jobs happen to be) and save up what little is leftover after rent.

  15. No worries. You rock, purple room or not.

  16. Ok, I think you should block anonymous comments. Because they are the only ones who seem to be unable to have an adult conversation. Also, you said it MUCH nicer than I would have. :) Nobody seems to realize that it's not just the big bad government and businesses that have done this to them, it's the way some have chosen to live their lives.

  17. "Ok, I think you should block anonymous comments."

    Disagree. Without them, you'll end up with one of those blogs where all the comments are "Nice!" "Pretty fabric!" "I totally agree!" "LOL!" etc. etc.

    Lifeless, in other words.

  18. Anonymous 1:39 - Take a look at the comments at ApartmentTherapy.com. No anons, and plenty of spirited debate.

    I generally prefer blogs and message boards where participants are required to log in, simply because it fosters a more cohesive dialog with "known" individuals. No one needs to use their RL name, but I think having a unique ID associated with posts leads to a better experience for everyone.

  19. Can't agree with you, but then I can't stand Apartment Therapy. It feels like summer camp for 24-year-olds.

  20. Thanks for apologizing. I have to admit...I'm a regular reader and that post really left a sour taste in my mouth. You see, I'm a hard working young lady that has been laid off since October. And while it sucks that I can't stop by J.Crew every few weeks anymore....it sucks even more being bored to tears. I'm trying to keep myself busy, but it's really hard when you can't spend money! And it doesn't help the situation when you hear hurtful comments such as your last post. No one really knows what it's like to not have a job or not have any income unless they experience it for themselves. Just remember that next time! It sure isn't fun, and I wouldn't wish this experience on my worst enemy.

  21. wow, I just read your post about the economy. When you are in your mid-40's with 3 kids to get through college and you have wisely invested your money in 529s and 401ks {not super risky, frankly} and then lose half of all investments, then maybe you'll feel differently about moving to an island. My husband worked{and still does} for Wachovia when all hell broke loose- perhaps you wouldn't feel so superior if you had. People who have worked for many more years than you and have lived within their means have lost half of their net worth, not their granite countertops. You might think too about the many in the middle class who have worked hard to put food on the table, contributed to charity, done the right thing for years and years, only to lose jobs, to rely on the charities that they used to support. After reading your words, why would I care about your sink? Too bad, b/c I liked you.

  22. A journalist walked in to my jewellery shop (in Sydney)
    in early december and asked if I would answer a few questions about my take on the economy right now and the effect its having on retail.

    I said hell yes, and she proceeded to grill me on
    how disastrous the downturn is for the big end of town and that must be disastrous for business.
    How did I think retail would fare around christmas?
    What was I planning to do to stop myself from going
    To most of the" Hell in a Handbasket" scenarios i tried toanswer that while these were nervous times and tough times you look for opportunities.....

    Opportunities to cut fat ( not necessarily jobs)
    Talk to your customers and find out what they want right now andf if all else fails you hunker down and
    circle the wagons around the skin of your teeth
    To mix metaphors.

    And she just kept hammering away at how grim things were and clearly I was not giving her the doom and gloom story she wanted.My assistant wondered what she would write.I had a feeling
    and sure enough she did not print

    To everyone who is feeling out of control and and nervous, don't focus on the media.
    Remember that word SPIN
    Hang in there.

  23. Thanks for the post post post. I read that first economy post and it really hurt my feelings. I didn't want to comment because I didn't want to get involved in the shit storm that I knew would ensue. I got laid off in October from an interior design related job. Needless to say that whole industry has pretty much dried up. So I am 2 years out of school trying to re-figure out what I can be when I grow up. It just sucks to be just getting going in life and it screeches to a halt. My parents own a restaurant so I can at some point prob go back to waiting tables. For that I feel really blessed but it def burns a bit and it's def an ego bruise. I have no credit card debt and our house cost less than $100,000 so i'm not going hungry. I feel blessed in a way because it's made me realize how much money you really can live off of. I am very very lucky- whenever I get down I think of people who have medical bills or children or elderly parents and it breaks my heart. I know how hard that must be. If I even had to make a car payment it would send me over the edge. We're going to be just fine. Everything is fine. Still though- It's really annoying when very comfortable people bitch about the economy talk. I love isuwannee. It's her blog and she should say what she wants- her kicky sense of humor and style is what maked us come here in the first place. anyway- after a crazy long ramble I guess i want to say thanks.
    oh and ps- I have a pedestal sink in our one and only bathroom- kind of had no choice as it is so small but I really love it. We have an over the sink cabinet that keeps all our daily essentials and everything else goes in the linen closet.

  24. Times are really hard. Your thoughts are well articulated. We will get things better by the time we are out of woods.Thanks for engaging us on your blog.