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By 2/10/2009

hello! i am back - let's blog, shall we?
long flight from salt lake city to raleigh (by my standards). i kept myself occupied with the westminster dog show (tv on the plane!) and this gem that i picked up at anthropologie in boulder.
the eye candy is almost as good as the lovely essays about home. scale of 1 - yummy: 7.5

other developments:
a- i am going on a diet
b- i discovered a new (forgotten) wardrobe in my dry cleaner bag which will be picked up on friday
c- brian and i developed a life plan that ends at the beach
d- rowdy now lifts his leg to pee


  1. Did you know that we'll be getting an Anthro at Southpoint Mall in Durham? It'll be in the outdoor area near Restoration Hardware & Pottery Barn. I think it'll open in March.

  2. So sad about the leg lift. They say if you get them neutered pre-lift that they'll never want to lift. That was not true in our case...

  3. Our wiener dog didn't lift his leg until he was 5, then one day he walked over to a tree, put his leg up on the tree to brace himself, and peed. I would love to get in his head and know what made him decide that was the day he would finally do it!

  4. our almost 5 year old golden still doesn't lift his leg so i figured he never would. after reading the bean's comment, i guess we'll see! it doesnt really bother me until people watch him and say how pretty she is. :)

  5. I got that book when I was in Vegas last month. Yummy!