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developing a room recipe.

By 1/29/2009

alright, i was very serious when i said i am developing the recipe for a perfect room. my working model looks like this currently:

1 part seagrass/jute/rattan (read natural)
1 part soft and fluffy {subcategory of persian/oriental}
1 part lucite and/or glass
1 part shiny/reflective
1 part white modern {subcategory of paper lamps}
1 part leather
1 part wood

today we're going to cover the wood part. if domino can't lead us to decorating salvation, then by god someone has to.

burlwood. i think you can't go wrong with burlwood. basically, it's a type of fast growing, abnormal growth found on some trees. burlwood grows because the tree has experienced some sort of environmental stress or damage. educate yourself if you're inclined.

did you notice in the post from yesterday how fabulous it looks when paired with a dark wall? that's super glammy and would certainly be a good start to achieving our modern/eclectic/bohemian mess of a look. or, you could go all white on the walls, and throw some burlwood in for major wow-factorness. picture some of these pieces i found on ebay against a dark wall, and working just as well in a white room.

burlwood mirrors are guaranteed to up the ante in any room. both are from wshome and are the price of a kidney. good luck with that.

smaller ticket items that could get the job done:

lazy susans, flatware, serving bowl, and frames

alright, so now you know. as research and development continues, expect updates.


  1. I for one LOVE burlwood, always have. I especially like it when matched with a dark wood inset, like on a lovely cabinet, or the top of a console table.

    You've highlighted some great burl pieces!

    p.s. After seeing your post on burlwood frames, I actually looked for some burlwood custom framing (I have an odd sized piece) and found this great site:


    I especially liked the Kensington & Valagio collections, under the frame collections tab : )


  2. Love the idea of shiny and straw. Love leather and have a great burl piece that I am taking outta the guest room!!!!

  3. If you were to choose a mirror you would have the part shiny done also

  4. i suwannee, Thanks so much for featuring one of my maple burl bowls!

    Fellow blog readers, Thanks for viewing!

    Take care,

    Greg, NSS

  5. I love your room recipe, it is very beautiful! I've been searching on craigslist for the perfect burlwood chest too, no such luck so far, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed it will come along soon.

  6. thanks to your putting this in food terms, i now know exactly what i need to do for design delight. first, win that credenza. next, replace all current furniture. step three, profit.
    a+ jamie.