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with 14 shopping days left...

By 12/11/2008

you asked for it {you didn't, really}, so without further ado, my highly anticipated holiday gift guide. {brian please remember i REALLY want the bernard doll}

lucite tray, michael aram tongs, flannery o'conner complete stories, tory burch scarf

dog whisperer nintendo game, vampire weekend cd, 2009 calendar, j. adler candle
rhino bank, baby kimono, amazing awesome screenprinted posters, forget me knot ring

gold tote, thom filicia book, warhol print, hable construction hamper

pig bank, socks, salt and pepper shakers, wire basket,

picture frames, bernard doll, blossom and bill plate, coin purse


  1. great guide! especially the bird feet tongs

  2. This is fabulous! I especially love the coin purse, tray, tongs & JA candle - mmmmm....

    Thanks for the beautiful list : )

  3. OK, first of all, you crack me up (as always.) And even if we didn't really ask for it, I am glad you shared anyway! There are certainly a number of things in the guide that I'd love to receive- oh, right, and maybe a few I'd like to give too.

  4. I can't believe The Dog Whisperer has a DS game! Too funny. You know I want to see how that plays. I should get it for my daughter.