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By 11/07/2008

my friends,

does anyone near me (raleigh/durham/chapel hill) have a small to medium sized dog that would like to have a playdate with rowdy?

he's itching for some dog action (he was living was 17 pups!), and our cats aren't quite ready to rumble.

we have a huge fenced in back yard where they could romp. and i'll make schnauzer cookies!

friendless in raleigh,


  1. Aw, if I lived closer my little Lily would LOVE to play! She's still got endless amounts of energy and she is constantly annoying my other dog with her antics. Rowdy sure is a cutie though! (And I love the Scrubs reference!) :)

  2. YES! We are taking Sadie to the beach this weekend for the OBX marathon, but any time after that.. we would love to play. Sadie is a champion-player. Let's plan something! He is too cute, I hope you guys are having a blast.

  3. Dear Rowdy,
    If only my Mom would let me cross state lines more often, I'd love to come a romp around with you. We'd roll on our backs, wiggle in the grass, and sniff each other in "areas" all day long. We'd have a dog-gone good time, I just know it.

    Burkly Deluxe

  4. Unfortunately our littles are an hour & a half away from Rowdy. They would absolutely love Rowdy!

  5. YES.

    Rowdy and Hazel (the basset hound) must get together.

    What's your schedule like next week? I'll email you.

  6. If we lived closer, I would definitely sign my pup up for a play date! Rowdy is too cute! I hope he finds some local friends soon!!

  7. I have a one-eyed pekingese that would love to meet your little one. She's in love with our neighbors schnauzer, Truman, but he doesnt give her the time of day.

    Too bad we're on opposite coasts.

  8. Stop it. That dog is too cute. I can't take it.

    I'm happy I was part of the crowd that supported and encouraged the schnau acquisition.

  9. There's a few dog parks in Raleigh - have you checked those out? I have a beagle and he loves them (we go to the Cary one).

  10. were going to wait until he's a little bit older for dog parking

  11. Hi Rowdy,
    We would LOVE to come play! If only Florida was closer to N.Carolina!
    Penelope & Paisley
    PS- momma says we'd wear you out! We are fast and we love to wrestle!