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for the dogs.

By 10/08/2008

can we quickly discuss dog beds?

do you know of one that is good looking, durable and not brown paisley or rust colored corduroy?

i really like these, but brian says (any) white will get too dirty and they’re a little pricey.

if you find the perfect one, i’ll send you a zebra pillow. will that sweeten the deal?


  1. I love this one:


    It's a bit pricey as well but look at all the patterns!

    You can also buy coordinating throw pillows from the same site. :P

  2. I totally agree!!! I have one at home and YES! Its brown. cordoroy and plaid all in one!


    How about this one? Sniffany & Company!! LOL

  3. Sorry -


    and then scroll down to "Novelty beds"

    So funny

  4. We have 4 dogs, and I'm a professional dog trainer, so we've tested lots of beds. I would start out with the cheapest bed from Wal-mart, Target, etc. b/c it is likely that your puppy will chew and/or completely destroy your first few beds. You can sew a slipcover for your ugly bed to make it look better. A waterproof bed (think Cordura) with a cute slipcover will be ideal. When your cute puppy grows up and is responsible enough to have nice things, I would recommend Bowser dog beds. The microfiber covers are really durable and come in tons of colors/prints. If you want to change covers or replace parts, it's easy!

    Also, I would not leave your puppy unattended with a bed until you know if he will eat it or not. I've had clients that have spent over 3K having blankets and beds (and toys) extracted from their dogs! Sorry for the soap box, but I just couldn't help it.

  5. I know that its white, but its pretty!!


  6. Two cute options...



  7. i'll make one for you Jamie :D

  8. WILL YOU? and then we'll IMMEDIATELY if not sooner be best friends/

  9. the perfect one was the one I paid 15 bucks for at amazing savings and our beast loves it. It is a rectangle shape, sherpa top and denim.

  10. hahahaha yeahh BFFssss... (I prefered paris hilton but you're not bad either.....)
    Anyway, tell me what would constitute it being perfect and I'll get my hands on the sewing machine tomorrow.

  11. Hello. I might be the queen of buying dog beds and then hating them a few months later. The foam-shaped (cuddle) type beds always stink... even with the washable covers... and my dogs "dig" to get the bed fluffy and the foam (even isnide the cover) gets all messed up. I'll spare you all the details on the others... but the BEST we bought was at Orvis last year. I don't have "Orvis-esque" dogs (one hunts squirrels, but that's all) - so anyway, this bed, if it rips or tears or wears out - FREE replacement.
    (ours is the ToughChew "Tattersail" plaid)
    The first one I got came undone and frayed in a seam when I washed it and I walked back into Orvis with it- no questions asked- they handed me a brand new one!
    It's by far the best!
    Happy shopping!!

  12. Check out this Etsy store...she will make one to your specifications and she is totally reasonable on price.


    P.S. Tell Brian that we have an off white dog bed and it doesn't really get that dirty. And our poodle stays outside sometimes during the day.

    Good luck!

  13. ummm, LET ME KNOW if you find any attractive, reasonably priced dog beds, because i'm pretty sure at this point they DON'T EXIST. i've been searching and searching and they either cost waaay too much money, or they're hideous. there's just no middle ground, so i am hoping you'll unlock the riddle and find something fabulous!

    also, when is pupppy coming home? i'm getting pretty excited for those posts myself.

  14. LLBean hasn't failed us yet in the dog bed department. We have the premium denim dog bed (available in round & rectangular) with replacement slipcovers.


  15. The The Mighty RandR beat me too it, I was going to suggest the LL Bean ones as well- I have heard many great things about them!

  16. Here is a great corduroy one from a great company:


    The Corduroy side is very durable (and washable) and the other side is Sherpa- which pups love!

    Word of advice- if you are going to spend a pretty penny on your dog's bed, don't leave them unsupervised with it. They WILL eat it. Trust me, I've learned this lesson the hard (and expensive) way. When my Boston Terrier was a wee little 6 lb pup, he not only completely destroyed the first two beds I bought him, he then ate an entire couch. Something about getting the fluff out, it calls to them.

    Yards of polar fleece from JoAnn's are great to leave with them in thier crates to cuddle with. Also, chewing on polar fleece cleans thier teeth, so that's a big bonus :)

  17. My pooch has one of these and loves it. The "stuffing" is made from recycled plastic bottles and it really does feel cushy and pillowy.


  18. Jack loves this one which I got on sale for I think about 20 or 30 bucks at Pet Smart so I brought 2. It fits in his crate and the cover is washable. He like the super soft top. It's not as cute as yours but it's not butt ugly.


  19. i have the below in lime, and it's AWESOME. super durable, doggie loves it, and while he's prone to chewing any other super "plush" type of bed, he somehow has an aversion to not biting but actually sleeping in this one!


  20. I know I''m a bit late on this post (hey, I just discovered your site - love love love the bookcase images) - and you probably have found a bed for your dog already. So for what it's worth, I like the WallyBed - I buy them directly through their site. They can be tossed in the wash - the WHOLE bed not just the cover - which is fantastic IMHO as I like to clean it all. I have had a great experience with them - personally, I like the cheetah print but the have lots of great options. They are a bit pricey but seem to last forever.

  21. Did you ever find the perfect dog bed? I just ordered a Harry Barker so I'll let you know how it fairs.

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