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By 10/16/2008

erika, remember the globe mobile from zgallerie? you could make one...
world market has tons of tiny globes. some are christmas ornaments, others are just tiny delights.

another world market inspiration: these tiny birds on a strand which would make the cutest mobile for a baby.

and these elephants!

two more notable finds:


  1. Are you trying to hint that it's time for me to get pregnant!? Did you not read the horror stories in my blog comment section on Monday!? :)

    HA! I still love them...

  2. I was at World Market just yesterday! They had a lot of great stuff, but I must say yours wins with that giant mirror! Fantastic, I want it!

  3. I have chickens on a string! I bought them in Santa Fe in 2000. I love them. I have them strung over our door to the garage and whenever Mike comes home I hear them jingle.