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weekend update

By 7/14/2008

ok you must be patient. this is a long one.
you've earned it.
on friday afternoon, i waited 6 hours to get an iphone. yes - that's crazy. the things white people do. mostly white men, i noticed. this was the glorious moment when i reached the front of the line and was awaiting my invitation to come in and be high-fived by my helper and give him $2904823.

prowler put on her princess hat

olivia stuck her tongue out in a flurry of movement

i hung some new artwork

at the flea market, i got two new E's. see them?

onto the farmer's market -- blackberries!

and voila!

bucket full of zinnias for $7

then brian came home and we made pancakes (cleansers - gluten free pancake mix, made with egg replacers and soy milk - delish!)

hashbrowns were made as well

brian showcases the biggest zuchinni ever that he grew on the back porch

it was really big

really really big we thought. so we did some testing:

then we went to lake johnson for walking about and spotted some ducks

and a tiny brave rabbit


  1. Well, if that's not weekend perfection I don't know what is.

  2. I love this post... sounds like a great weekend!

    Also, where did you get that DARLING piece of artwork? Love it.

    Way to go on the cleanse breakfast, btw, ONWARD!

  3. Thanks for sharing your wonderful weekend. I hope you enjoy your iphone.

  4. Sounds like a perfect weekend! Thanks for sharing.

    By the way, you should submit the cat/zucchini picture to Stuff on My Cat. That site is hilarious, and my dog was featured a few times on their other site Stuff on My Dog.

  5. LOVE the zucchini on the cat.

  6. I bought some of those yummy blackberries at the farmers market too!!

  7. i'm sure if i've commented on your blog before, but i've just recently started reading it and i love it. and that picture of the zucchini on your cat is hilarious! and your cats are adorable.

  8. Love the zucchini on cat.

    And everything else, of course, but the zucchini on cat--well, that's just special.

  9. love this post... nice weekend... sweet cat photos!

  10. Please share where you got that artwork. I love it!

  11. i actually made it! lots of cutting out drops from old magazines.

  12. What a lovely, sweet post! And your kitties are precious!!!

    with love from Pittsburgh...

  13. I just saw your full post today (my reader doesn't show the whole thing!!), but I love that new poster of yours!! great job!

  14. Mmmmmm...awesome artwork of yours. How did you affix all those drops without crunching the tips--Glue stick? Archival stickies? I'd love to see a how to post on at-home artistry.

  15. yup glue stick - it was relatively easy once i had all of the pieces cut out.