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the delicious

By 7/10/2008

i had an email this morning from my most favorite restaurant ever.

here's what it told me:

Introducing a new cocktail, the Strange Acquaintance

Concocted by bar manager Wesley Wolfe, the Strange Acquaintance is an unusual, refreshing blend of whisky, ruby port, lemon, Blenheim spicy ginger ale and egg white. Come by and get acquainted soon!

Our specials through July 26th will include:

Icy spicy local cucumber soup with cilantro and green chiles

Black pepper & caramel grilled local pork ribs with pickled napa daikon

North Carolina crab cakes with tomato-roasted chile jam

Crispy catfish with homemade red curry, Thai basil, coriander and cucumber salad with lime and mint

doesn't that sound absolutely briantakemetherenow wonderful?


  1. here the cleanse police speaking: you have the right to remain hungry.

  2. I bet some of those things you could have...maybe the cucumber soup?

  3. i love that place too!
    the junebug cocktail is my favorite (and i love the movie its named after). i love the cocktail so much that i make my parents bring me pimms when they visit from virginia so i can recreate it at home. pimms, ginger ale, lime (or lemon) juice and cucumber. yummmm.

  4. oh, i love the junebug too!

    we went there and had it before we went to the movie on franklin street a long time ago =)

    my fave is the dark and stormy though! delish!