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By 7/14/2008

in another lifetime, i think i'll pursue being a weather girl.

i'm obsessed with the weather.

i check the weather on the ones forecast before going to bed every night. i turn it back on in the morning. i check the doppler at work um...bi-hourly i'd say. when a tv show i'm watching goes to commercial, i flip to the weather channel. people at work ask me what the forecast is for 4 days out- i tell them.

when it storms, i immediately go sit outside on the porch so i can be in it. if its during the night, i'll get up to turn the fan off and crack the window so i can hear it.

my favorite is hurricane season. i just love all the tracking - the anticipation of it. and the naming. and the measurements.

bertha brought some big waves to the beach this weekend, but not much action for me.


  1. hurricanes rule when you're in school in New Orleans because it always means you get to goof off and not go to class.

    until the big one hits and then its less fun.

    By the way, that crazy person you paired me up with for summer swap is like gonna whip me into shape and get me all healthy and shit. I didn't realize this blog was going to be a catalyst for a possible big life change

    ugh. fuck it

  2. I have the same weather obsession. I chalk it up to being a drama addict.

  3. Jamie usually old people are obsessed with the weather.

    Leslie, I send my pack and still got nothing in return. Should I see it as a life lesson?

  4. Oh, I just love it when it is stormy. The sound of pounding rain on the rooftop is like a beautiful song. The way the air smells just after it rains for the first time in a while, deliciously dusty and wet.
    Thunder and lightning, wonderful. But here on the west coast it isn't anything like the shows one sees in the sky in the Midwest and on the east coast, those are fantabulous.