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almost here...

By 7/11/2008

A "few" balloons, originally uploaded by mortimer?.

i finally have a weekend with no where to go, no one to see, nothing to make me get up. i can't wait.

brian is going surfing so i'm going to saunter through the weekend alone.

tonight i'm going to:
-plant myself at the bookstore for a while.
-walk by the apple store again and see how the line looks to sign up to get an iphone shipped to me.
-go look at the pottery barn chairs in person.
-eat a burrito.
-possibly watch dan in real life

-wake up on the early side of noon.
-flea market where i'm looking for a map to go in our bedroom
-farmers market where i'll buy some decorative grass stuff to plant in the yard and blueberries

-making gluten free blueberry pancakes and hashbrowns
-lazing about


  1. i hear there are some really cool watercolored maps of shorelines (nautical maps?) inside at air conditioned building at the fairground fleamarket. not cheesy nautical though. there was also a craigslist post today about a midcentury dealer thats going to be at the fairgrounds this weekend. Just search for mid centuy on craigslist. if i was going to be in town i'd go clean him out- the stuff looked awesome. ok, i've officially given you all of my good flea market sources- lets consider it partial payback for your awesome blog. happy hunting!

  2. Ahhh sounds like a great weekend! The Raleigh flea has a vendor (inside the building) selling tons of maps and paper goods (with birds and lots of lovely things on them). I think the maps are a little pricey, but they look original and SO NEAT. So, be sure to go inside! Good luck!

  3. sweet. thanks for the tips. i will certainly check it out!

  4. Wow...you know how to plan a PERFECT WEEKEND. Awesome agenda.

  5. Lots of envy from me. Good envy though.
    I can't remember last time I had a weekend all to myself.....
    Remind me to get a tamagotchi the next time I come up with the idea of having kids.

  6. That sounds like a nice easy relaxing weekend... I want one!