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sarah bartholomew + kayce hughes

By 4/25/2017
decorators have their muses - and it seems like sarah bartholomew, as well as mark sikes have taken a major liking to nashville painter kayce hughes. case in point, sarah's home featured in southern living - featuring several of kayce's large abstract paintintgs (and what's ironic, sarah was mark's muse for his recent MDS line).

we're super stoked to feature kayce in a special pop-up this morning - we're offering 10 original large pieces, like those pictured in sarah's home, that are exclusive to furbish.  her last pop-up sold out in under an hour - nearly 40 small works that were highly coveted flew off the site, so make sure you sign on today right at 11am if you want to snag a kayce original for yourself!

spring showers.

By 4/23/2017

we all have that magical time when most of your things are waxed, the majority of your clothes are clean and hanging in the closet, your hair is pretty much all one color, the house is cleanish, you have what you need, enough is enough, and there are still things to watch on the internet because you didn't entirely binge them all.  ah!  what a time to be alive.  all two days of it.

i think i'm entering into one of those unheard of bright phases, so i spent the evening looking for something wrong.  i found it in two dresses i just bought at old navy - they seemed like such a cute bargain last week, but tonight i spent at least 58 minutes trying to iron the wonky seams down after i washed them, so they could pass for halfway wearable again.  you know those amazing $18 dresses that you get pretty approximately -1 wear out of and they'll never be the same again?  this is what i decided to fixate on today, because everything else was going too well.

a certain spring imposed dreariness has set in here the past few days.  it's chilly, and rainy - the pollen is gone, the plants are thrilled, but the sky is gray and it feels weird to turn the heat back.  this time of year always transitions so quickly in raleigh.  overnight, all of the bushes and trees will flower bright pink and crisp white, buttery daffodils will pop up, little purple purple blooms will blanket the grass in the park, and fat puffs of snowball viburnum will drape off limbs in the neighborhood.  then suddenly, after the yellow pollen has blanketed everything inside and out, it will rain, and storm a few nights like it is now, and the flowers disappear, browning at the edges and falling to the ground.  next everything gets leafy and all green, and it's a proper southern summer before you know it.  hot and humid, the daylight lingering long into the evening, suppers pushed way back,  pants impossible to wear, ceiling fans essential and lots of stuff with berries: cobblers, drinks, sunday dresses.

i look forward to this change every year - i always have.  this year feels more disorienting though.  i'm trying to get my bearings.  it's easy to get attached to the flowers, but you have to remember the rain comes.  it has to do it's job.  there's a flow to it, and i have to remember to trust it.

behind the scenes

By 4/21/2017

i have a new lovely front porch and an overabundance of pillows in my life, so this swing did the trick.  our palm beach outdoor pillows are such a good size for lounging on.
anna did some serious snacking in nyc this week, and brought along her banjara clutch
jessica hosted easter brunch on her back porch
excited to sport one of our new puebla dresses - you can snag one for yourself by emailing jessica - we have a couple of sizes left!
anna did her best to celeb spot at indochine 
jessica had her set of lucy auge's paintings custom framed - they look perfect in her newly green dining room.  lucy's art will be available on the site for just two more days.  you can save 10% by using code LASTCHANCEPOPUP
my office is finally sorted and setup.  there's not a single inch of wall space left, but you know that's how i like it.
anna really wants this baseball hat idea of hers to work
and jessica picked up a new blouse at zara that's pretty palmy.

i been hanging around these towns

By 4/19/2017
i've been traveling for a hot minute, so just trying to get caught up recapping my goings and doings with these guys.  we flew to la for a quick trip, then to colorado, back for a few days and were off to lima for a week.
we planned this picnic ahead.  we had 3 seats together on the evening flight to california and this spread kept us thoroughly entertained.  crackers, cheese, cornichons, nuts, jams, olives and salami.  we know how to do

we couldn't have been more thrilled with our suite at the palihouse in santa monica.  i think it's the most gorgeous hotel room i've ever stayed in.
charming.  through and through.
shopping on abbott kinney in venice

after a great dinner at the tasting kitchen, we hit up the brig for cocktails and were lucky that the dj was playing the jams.

anna and i kept it classy, per usual.

more shopping in venice - the weather was perfect for roaming

we drove up the coast one day to have lunch at the malibu farm pier cafe.  gorgeous views, a super tasty salmon salad and a great drink list.

the little vestibule outside our room.  we shared the floor with one other suite and had our own private lobby.

lunch at the ivy - expensive, huge servings, but complimentary champs, amazing outdoorsseating, roses everywhere you turn, and tons of pretty nooks like this one.

every corner was gorgeous

discovered this fun wayne pate wallpaper at harbinger - i didn't even know it existed!

walls and walls of fabric at the hollywood at home showroom in west hollywood.

lunch at the chateau marmont - the truffle french fries were key

we look like we're waiting for something far more important than our uber.

from LA jessica and i flew to aspen for a few days.  the weather was remarkably out-of-seasonally beautiful.  60 degrees and bright blue skies every day

we headed directly to the hotel jerome for an extravagant brunch - i think most of the menu was tasted. 
shopping in town after lunch.  how sweet are these baby moccasins?

our first night these guys visited us in the yard.  we'd been at the cocktails for a bit so this seemed extremely miraculous to us city folk.
this was more our idea of out in the wild.
we borrowed a dog for the day - that should be a thing i think, get a 'dog-for-the-day' if you're out of town, right?  we did some exploring but spent most of the day trying to get something under this wood.  we never did.
the highlight of the aspen trip (food is always up there on the list) was the handrolled sushi at matsushia - the. best. i've. ever had.  planning next trip to get more. 

and now we've landed, for a bit.  i'm headed to mexico next week, but before that - i'll catch you up on our shenanigans in peru.  anna took some amazing photos i'll share as soon as my attention span holds out on me.

in the meantime, i'm settling into the new house -- feeling a bit disorientated as my life seemed to flip 182 degrees in one week -- but i can see which direction is up, and i'm following the light that way.  you know when you catch the most fun wave of all, but you end up in the white water, held down, tossing and turning and bumping around- you're sure glad you rode it, but for a minute there, you're all OH FUCK this is how it's going to end.  but then you catch a glance up.  you right yourself.  you kick and sputter and you break the surface.  sun's still there, and you go at it again.

lord, there's a self help book in me somewhere, right?


By 4/13/2017
chambray dress / yastik rug 

decorating is back!

By 4/11/2017
i've shared with you guys that life has been, well - a little disorienting the last few years, but i'm relieved to finally say i feel back on my feet, with things mostly settled and sorted, and i'm ready to get back to doing one of the things i love most: interior decorating. for the last year, we weren't able to take any new jobs while we transitioned furbish's retail to online, and now, i'm super stoked to announce that things are humming along.  i've got amazing people doing the right things (i sound like our president), and my brain has the necessary amount of free space to offer e-design, in-home consultations, and interior decorating services. finally - back to the regularly scheduled program, of helping folks add my signature mix of bold and bright mixed with aged and antique to their rooms, and creating layered, authentic and beautiful spaces with a sense of humor and a laid-back kind of luxury that makes a house feel like a home.

if you'd like more info, or have a project you need help with, please contact jessica@furbishstudio.com (thanks to all you readers who noticed that i'm feeling inspired again - i'm digging in. old domino mags, inspiration boards, pinterest perusing, moving-things-around, all of it - it's FUN again.)

for more of my design work, you can check out the portfolio on furbish's site, and as always - you can find snippets, snapshots, and a glimpse of my style on this blog, particularly in the my work, and decorating sections!

closet cravings

By 4/07/2017
1 - gingham swing dress asos // 2 - black jeans shopbop // 3 - bathing suit nordstrom // 4 - earrings bauble bar // 5 - adidas flops nordstrom // 6 - peplum top asos // 7 - pants madewell // 8 - leather backpack madewell // 9 - beaded necklace baublebar // 10 - tie top asos

lucy auge floral studies

By 4/04/2017

during a trip to london last year, we discovered bath artist lucy auge in an issue of house & garden and instantly fell in love with her simple yet sultry floral studies. 

from observations of store bought carnations painted on old paper discovered in her grandmother's attic to spring-inspired sets of blooming foxgloves, we think lucy's art, hung in sets as we're selling it, is a simple way to make an extra-chic statement.

the pop-up shop opens today at 11am, and features over 20 sets of botanical studies.