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By 11/16/2017
we really have so much to talk about - let's dive right in.

foremost, digging out bathing suits (and other short, exposing, fun! pieces) for vacation when you're: 1) a vampire and have forsaken fake tanner (well really, it forsook me) and 2) have outwardly taken on the form of a downhill skier because your thighs are so theeeeck you're one protein bar away from slicking up and flexing in a string bikini with crunchy curls -- is not a good time.

oh boy, what a treat.  i ordered 17 things - no joke, no #fakenews here (see yesterday's post).  and i'm keeping one seventeenth of my order  -  a high-neck zip up black one-piece bathing suit that i swear to god is the same as the bodyglove one i wore when i was 13 and had huge boobs and thought what a great way to hide them - here beneath this zipper that would roll them out like a red carpet at the slightest tug.  i honestly am just going to move to texas and follow warren jeffs - there's none of this 'resort wear' shit to contend with when you're a sister-wife.

let's throw it back for a second, if you don't mind.  if you follow my lurching instagram stories (lurching like the way a chicken pecks - violently, then languid, then peck!),  you know i was in aspen when autumn struck and i heralded the season appropriately in a number of different manners:

i made a bread like food with a spice cake mix, a mess of pumpkin spice chips and some buttercream frosting.  the chips mostly sank to the bottom; however, our breakfasts were certainly elevated with a little slice of cakebread each morning.

we donated 438 years worth of threadbare bath towels to the animal shelter and reinvented ourselves with new pendleton towels for the house. (i have to get pink/red because my hair is pink/red and between you and me, that's hair dye)

we marveled over the yellow and red and orange colored leaves - tad tried to prepare me for the grand leaf extravanganza prior to our trip, and i assumed he was exaggerating until i laid eyes on the jigsaw-puzzle-worthy mountains swathed in bob ross rusts and golden marigolds.  it was outstanding.  i've never.

so, that was lovely.
in fashion that does work news, these emerald bars were a lovely gift and perfect to wear in my third holes.  i needed something i could sleep in - because if i had to take them out everyday surely i'd lose them, and these were perfect.  emerald is my birthstone.

i took a screenshot of these two outfits on instagram because they're basically what i want to wear all. of. the. time.  please just send a note, or wave a flag or something when i mention i might buy clothing that's colorful or cute or whatever.  i hate it.  

i'm much happier, and comfortable in black.  these jeans are from madewell and they're fantastic - i'll never not wear high-rise denim again, until it's out of fashion.  this is the h&m furry coat and i wore it in chicago during freezingtimes and it did just fine.

onto to chicago -- anna, amir (no, that mustache isn't for real - well, i guess it was very real that night), tad and i went the windy city for 72 hours to eat.  we did ALL of the eating ... curtis duffy's restaurant grace was first, then grant achatz's alinea and finished with his newer endeavor, next.  it was something else - 17 courses, 17 wine pairings, dessert made right on the table, courses served in the kitchen alongside the staff, magic, suspense, strong language, adult nudity - no.  but still!  it was a once in a lifetime opportunity and i'm #soblessed i got to experience these amazing restaurants.  i think next was our favorite, in terms of food, but the experience at alinea was unrivaled, and i certainly suggest if you get an opportunity go!  
it's expensive, but not in that hamilton sort of way, where you look around and know that everyone spent a mortgage payment to be there - that, coupled with you're all so hyped up with sensationalized expectations of seeing THE BEST SHOW ever, that when it starts, and just really isn't that good, at all, you still grin and bear it and wonder if you're the only one in the room who didn't vote for trump.

the restaurants aren't like that.  it's worth it.  i think.  you slurp an oyster of an ice ball.

back in mcrealville, this is what i eat like when i'm in raleigh.  that's a standard chip buffet featuring hummus straight out of the container, kettle chips, doritos mix cheese explosion™ and straight-up ranch dressing in a bowl.

also, 4 pieces of wedding cake.  (just a quick plug - that's our daya ikat quilt and i am telling you, it's the perfect soft snuggy blanket to keep by the sofa for sundays when you want to chill and eat 4 pieces of wedding cake).

well there you have it.  it's thursday.  the sun is shining and rowdy is having a puppuccino.  i just ordered another round of bad clothing choices from free people (is that me now, am i carefree with wide legs and gauzy embroidered tops?), and i'm off to the world headquarters to shoot some promos with anna and jessica.  we've got a very, very impressive sale coming next week, and lots of new arrivals on the site - a lot of very good people are working on it, and i believe it's going to be fantastic (who am i?).

harumph.  have a good day.

the vacation me.

By 11/15/2017 ,
i'm so stoked to be headed back to mexico for thanksgiving next week.  we spent last thanksgiving in playa del carmen and tulum - and it was extraceptional.  in all of my 37 years, it was the first time i've gone rogue for the holiday, and it felt amazingly light and liberating to do your own thing on a day that has such a strong charge around it.  lots of us feel the stress of that comes with high-expectation holidays, and i can't say enough to advocate just letting yourself off the hook once in a while.  you don't have to be everywhere and do everything, for everyone else, ya know?

i fell down an instagram hole the other night that started with rag & bone's creative director and ended up on the cookie monster, but somewhere in between, i got inspired and decided 'who i want to be' on this vacation and consequently piled up a cart full of life-altering kaftans and cover-ups.  (you know that feeling - when you're planning a vacation and it's so obviously an opportunity to be your best, most chic-est self.  you'll dress differently, laugh prettier, your self-tanner won't be orange this time, there's probably a cocktail previously undiscovered that will be your new drink when you return home and your friends will be all 'look at you now, drinking tequila and soda!".

anyway.  here.

jumpsuit // bathing suit here and here // shoes leopard and tan // earrings // tote // black dress

pullover // dress // hat // earrings // jumpsuit // kaftan // bathing suit // dress

fall 5 - alysha totemwongs

By 11/14/2017
bodysuit // luggage // scrabble // book // truffle oil

kale me crazy!

By 11/13/2017
opening your own business takes a certain type of person. confident, sometimes to a fault - you have to be, because you can't see anything but success coming or you'd run.  smart, because you're essentially taking on the job of at least 4 people when you start - a creative lead, a salesman, a bookkeeper and a janitor.   add to that hardworking, self-starting, goal-driven and most importantly - a charmer (you've got to convince everyone else you've got the goods. the goodest goods).

however, it's not essential to be incredibly handsome, a consummate gentleman, world-traveled, well-dressed, ridiculously fun and know the words to every madonna song - but my bf jeff happens to be all of the above.  and i couldn't be more proud of him for taking the entrepreneurial leap and opening his own business - kale me crazy - a chic superfood cafe serving fresh pressed juices, smoothies, cleanses and extra-healthy salads, bowls and wraps.

our friends have made it a sunday morning must to stop by kale me crazy for pain-killer shots, an iced power latte or matcha tea and a killer poke bowl to make things right again.  it's very LA of us, all this healthy living (there's a core power yoga next door so you can really do the whole deal).


i consider myself a fairly healthy eater, but there's so much pressure from the goops and the kourtney kardashian to get all the fruits and veggies in everyday.  it's tough, especially when i'm traveling - we get back and the fridge is bare, so i've made a habit of having jeff drop off a few juices at the beginning of the week so i can grab one for lunch or on-the-go before workouts in the evening.  

weekly juicing has kind of been a game changer for me.  i'm glowing and fertile and smarter and have better shoes and more friends because of it.  that's not true.  but i do have tons of energy and my skin is kind of having a moment ... i'd like to think it's extra h2o, all the juicing and 4million dollars of retinol.

you should stop by and see jeff. he's doing that charming thing and would love to treat you to a smoothie or a juice - just mention my blog and i'm positive you'll be quick friends and instantly better looking and overflowing with health and wellness.

fall 5 - lauren hood

By 11/07/2017
cashmere sweater // topiary // book // leather tote // cooper pot

fall 5 - jessie short

By 11/03/2017
sweater / miso turnips / candle / kidney table

closet cravings

By 11/02/2017
1 - striped dress jcrew // 2 - sweater nordstrom // 3 - jacket jcrew // 4 - levi's jeans shopbop// 5 - fringe earrings furbish // 6 - vans nordstrom// 7 - plaid shirt  madewell // 8 - pants h&m


By 10/31/2017
daya ikat quilt / indigo striped coverlet / santal 33 shower gel / the lovliest / pile coat / nikes / artfully walls blog / the ocean view club

fall 5 - jessica swaney

By 10/24/2017
h&m coat / clarifying mask / ulla dress / gil schafer book

how i afford to frame

By 10/23/2017
i know i always claim that i love each and every pop-up shop that furbish features, and that i snag a piece here and i snag a piece there - but here's the thing: i really really do.  we have featured over 40 artists since we started this thang over 3 years ago and to say i am out of wall space is an understatement.  art is now hanging on shelves, propped on the floor, even stuck to the refridgerator.  as i sit typing this in my office, just the wall in front of me hosts pieces from blakely little, theresa drapkin, jenny andrews anderson, camilla perkins and dorothy shain.  

and my secret to keeping this collection looking chic and cultivated: framebridge.  i've shared with you a few of the textiles i've framed with them, and their instagram minis were the 'it' gift with my friends last christmas, but i haven't harked about their anything-but-basic framing of works on paper.

just last week i received my kayce hughes painting back, newly custom framed in gold - and it looks like a zillion bucks.  if i'd taken this large piece to jerry's or michael's or any of those old options, i'm serious, this frame would've been at least $350.  even with the amazing-but-not constant coupon 'deals' they run.

instead, i framebridged, and guess how much i spent, total.  no - guess.  go look again.  so good, right?

it was $150 - free shipping, pre-paid label to send in your art, all the things - jut $150.

this amazes me, and allows me to keep squirrelling away artwork from the amazing artists we feature each month.  i just sent in my william mclure collage, and next 4 lucy auge botanicals i've been scheming on.  the smaller pieces will only be $79 - a steal!

this is totally my own opinion - i just have strong feelz, being an art collector and purveyor to the stars (you), that this is a great service at an affordable price with really quality products.   you should try it - we're featuring a series of original face paintings by leslie weaver tomorrow at 12pm and they would look really smart matted and framed.  if it's your first time, use code furbishframe15 to save 15% making it even more of a steal!

fall 5 - Kayla Brewer

By 10/20/2017
ella wrap dress / prada bag / dunton hot springs / sneakers

fall 5 - donna orr

By 10/17/2017
drunk elephant whipped creme // Maison Louis Marie Le Long Fond Perfume Oil // boots

fall 5 - kaitlin ryan

By 10/17/2017
socks // blazer // wylde flowers // leather boots

just a click away

By 10/16/2017

these are things i've had on a list to share, so let's dump them all right here, shall we?

these sheets.  they're it.  amazingly silky, soft, and cool but just heavy enough, they wash without wrinkling and feel 100% sumptuous.  it's all i have now - 3 of these sets in white on constant rotation.  i feel like if i was mariah carey this would be in my rider, and that feels like a moment - when you've found your thing.  and you can use one of those 394million bed bath & beyond coupons you have to get a deal.

use another coupon for this pillow if you're a side sleeper.  i bought two for aspen and they're exceptional.

my brain is situated on colder climes since i got back from aspen - it's still 80 degrees and humid in raleigh and i just don't know what to do with that.  so my winter best self digs these slippers in white and finds this sweater v. attractive.   she (my winter best self) bought this jumpsuit in aspen to wear for coldness and also to mexico for thanksgiving because i basically never want anything tight to touch my body ever again or anymore.

moving on, we made one small step for the colorado house and one large step for my mental well-being by replacing all of the old towels with new pendleton ones.

these are things i know to be true.  i hope your week is off to a satisfactory start.  i'm going to go to the fair this week - eat cheeto-crusted corn on the cob and watch a demolition derby.  i'm also high-tailing it into holiday mode for furbish - all the gifts, all the inventory, all the pop-ups - it's the most exciting time of the year for a retailer.  we're wrapping up a couple of handsome design projects i'll share as soon as i can, and it might just get fall-like here so i can wear a light sweater or two.

fall 5 - asher gannon

By 10/16/2017
leather leggings // rosewater // faux fur