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bring on the branding

By 7/25/2017
we've enlisted our friends at good south, here in raleigh,  to help us with a bit of a facelift for furbish. they are our local aficionados for all things branding, as well as graphic design, logo design, letterpress, art, interior design, and styling. they where many hats, all perfectly styled, mind you, and we're excited to have them on the team.

our hot pink teepee is tried and true - however, nearly 10 years in it's feeling a little weathered.  it's time for an update, as we shape the brand to focus more on one-of-a-kind items from our travels, including textiles, rugs, and other hard to find, unique treasures for the home.  we're no longer buying from big brands in the typical retail/wholesale model - we're sourcing items on our own, from around the world, and bringing them together in an edit that you've come to expect from furbish: vibrant colors, bold patterns, items that tell a story and make a home interesting, authentic and well-lived in.

right now, elizabeth and chris at good south are working with us to firstly, update the furbish logo, which will help define the brand moving forward, and secondly to retool the website to reflect our ever-evolving vibe.  after several meetings in their amazing out-building turned office, we're all on the same page moving the company forward with a fresh feel that considers who we've been and where we're headed (passports in hand!).

closet cravings

By 7/21/2017
1 - lush v-neck tee // 2 - oscar de la renta earrings // 3 - topshop kimono // 4 - vince sneakers // 5 - halogen faux leather skirt // 6 - pink tassel earrings // 7 - topshop ruffle chambray // 8 - topshop flare jeans // 9 - jcrew gingham dress // 10 - michael kors wool coat // valentino clutch

how could i forget madeline weinrib

By 7/20/2017
madeline weinrib has been off my radar for a minute -- it's funny, the brand used to be my go-to for rugs, especially with design clients, but it's been a while since i checked out her site.  her new botanical rugs have been featured all over the internets, leading me to take a dive into her current catalog.  as always, i love the bright colors, the global patterns and the luxe look that's her signature.

a few favorites from the site

ana strumpf illustrations

By 7/19/2017
i discovered brazilian artist ana strumpf and consequently spent the next two hours devouring her work - what stands out most are her illustrations on magazine covers, like vogue, T magazine and W.  she also does product design - and her line of wallpaper makes me extra happy.  i'd love a wall of her happy, kooky and colorful doodles.

it's gucci baby

By 7/18/2017
gucci announced a new home decor line that will be available in stores and online in september. i have to say - i kinda dig it. i'm positive it will be a super-splurge, but i could certainly work one of the needlepoint pillows and the eye tray or candle into my life.

let's stay tuned to see how much of my monies it will take to get sum gucci for the crib.

vibez for the week

By 7/17/2017
heart pillows / suzani lumbar pillow

wayne pate wallpaper

By 7/14/2017
wasn't really on my radar until a recent trip to harbinger's showroom in west hollywood.  now i can't get it off my mind... you can purchase it through studio four nyc.

nordstrom anniversary sale, and other things i don't know about

By 7/12/2017
so, this whole nordstrom anniversary sale situation starts tomorrow, and it's like, a requirement, as a blogger that i inform you of it.  it's interesting, because you have no idea what will be on sale - it's not clearance, it's new fall items that are deeply discounted, so there's definitely some great deals to discover.

there are plenty of bloggers who practically specialize in the science of this sale, so i won't pretend for a second i know any tricks for tackling it.  here's what i know - these are the items i'm sold on, because i've purchased and they're proven, or, because i've had my eye on them for a good while.  i do think some of them will be on sale, so i hear through the grapevine-- we shall see!

tomorrow early access starts for card holders - if you're extra excited, go ahead and sign up for one and get in there.  otherwise, start scouting and get ready to save on the 21st when the sale opens to the public.

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