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By 5/25/2017

i discovered garlic flowers at the farmers market last weekend and was enamored with their crazy organic shape, PLUS you can pluck the little buds right off the flower and add them to your food for instant gratification.  love.

rowdy discovered that if he sits just like this with his ball it really infuriates his brother.

we're doing a lot of vintage shopping for two of our current decorating projects.  loved this native american art at union camp

dusted off the fabric swatches this week and started scheming again.  really excited to have several new projects in the works!

also very excited to discover lotus blossoms in our tiny pond this week.  they only open during the day, and there's 3 more on their way up!
we just got a massive shipment of amazing rugs in -- this is how my phone's photo album ends up looking.

my favorite from this batch - the sally oushak.

a quick visit to winston salem.  i love staying at the cardinal downtown.  it's a kimpton hotel - pet friendly, the bathroom is all waterworks and lots of thoughtful details like the custom toile pillow with cardinals (our state bird) and the magnolia (our state flower) above the bed
the pups enjoyed their view

one of my favorite stories to follow on IG is dorothy shain.  i've loved keeping us with her collaboration with mac & murphy down in charleston.  i'm dying to get my hands on some of those cute notecards.

scenes from my birthday party.  the first thing i told everyone before dinner was DON'T GET ON THE TABLE.  then i got on the table.

i finished the last piece of cake last night.  i love birthday season - it's totally acceptable to eat cake every night.

roses are blooming in the backyard - how pretty are these pinks?

a few birthday gifts - joan didion book is fantastic, the peonies from jessica have lasted forever, and the malin  + goetz candle from my friend bryan at holder goods smells amazing

just a collection of my travel momento miscellany

i brought home a silk ikat shade this week (they're so good looking, and on sale - people, they change lives, i promise!)

my other birthday flowers are still happy with a fresh cut everyday.  the artwork is by my friend, LA artist mat curran
boulted bread is the hookup for a ready to go brunch.  we picked up all the things sunday morning and didn't have to cook a bit.

and some major eye candy from the farmer's market.  fresh bouquets for $15

summer entertaining

By 5/23/2017 ,
my new house seems extra-appropriate for outdoor entertaining - there's a huge front porch plus a lovely backyard, and the weather right now is exceptional for lingering dinners and leisurely brunches.

i've amassed a bit of an arsenal of entertaining supplies over the past few years.  lots of pretty napkins in bright prints from furbish, tons of taper candles, and several block-printed tablecloths and suzanis that can dress up a table quickly.

here are a few of my essentials for making it easy this summer to entertain!

i love fleur de lis juice glasses for wine and cocktails - mix up the colors and sizes, you can find these guys just about anywhere, so it's easy to start a collection 

bamboo folding chairs are a chic and practical solution for extra seating.  they look good enough to keep out all the time but fold up nicely to store away

i keep a stockpile of cotton napkins that can mix and match on hand for parties - any sit down meal calls for a grown-up napkin in my book.  i love these blue and white blockprinted ones -- you'll see tastemakers like mark sikes, hannah seabrook and instagram fave maura endres frequently using them (they know they're a style steal!)
placemats are perfect for elevating a brunch to a festive fete.  i keep a stack of these pink tasseled moroccan placemats on hand - i recommend buying at least 8 when you're purchasing place settings.  12 if you can. 

i'm not huge into plastic plates - but there's a time and place for everything, and if the meal calls for melamine, i really like these dinner plates by charleston artist lulie wallace

bamboo flatware is a classic (see above-listed styling stars for proof).  you can pick up a 20 piece set on sale for just $26

you guys know i have a stack or two or textiles, and more than a few suzanis up my sleeve.  they're amazing as tablecloths - just be careful, if they get wet the colors can bleed, so make sure everyone is on their best behavior (i recommend coasters and placemats!)

if i had to pick just one item that's essential for a diner party, i'd go with taper candles.  mix up the colors, leave them burning well into the night and you'll find everyone seems a bit more interesting over candlelight!

globe lights really are magical strung in the backyard.  they transport an ordinary outdoor area into a bit of a wonderland.  

more textiles, more tablecloths.  this block-printed one is a fave, and so easy because you can throw it in the wash after a party, and it never really needs to be ironed.

splurge-worthy, i love these palm tree plates from anthro.  it's not always practical to serve everyone on fancy dinnerware, but if it's a smaller party, i've stocked up enough to do it in style (otherwise just rent!)

and finally candlesticks are a must.  i've been collecting brass ones for ages, so i've built up a good supply of differing heights.  etsy is a great source for them!

closet cravings

By 5/17/2017
1 - topshop black dress nordstrom / 2 - silk tank jcrew/ 3 - topshop maxi dress nordstrom / 4 - espadrilles urban outfitters / 5 - beaded necklace furbish / 6 - earrings buable bar/ 7 - high-rise jeans madewell / 8 - twill camo jacket abercrombie

shopping in lima, peru

By 5/16/2017
in april, anna, jessica and i made a quick trip to peru to attend lima's artisan exhibition downtown, and do some shopping (and eating!). it's true - lima is a world of rainbow pom poms, brightly colored rugs, neon textiles and furry alpacas. every corner was a treasure trove of suprises. the people of peru were warm and welcoming, the food scene was hip and happening and the shopping was maybe the best yet of all of our travels.

piles of frazedas as far as the eye can see
strands of pom poms greet you around every corner
gorgeous peruvian leather bags trimmed in signature fabrics from cusco

vibrant woven baskets were a favorite find - i picked up several to use as containers to organize my bathroom
the colors weren't limited to the vendors' wares - lima is a bustling city full of eye-candy
i kept meeting schnauzies in the city.  this one was a 9-week old babe.

loads of cusco trim, used to line the traditional skirts the ladies where.  each trim tells the story of the particular woman who wears it - where they're from, if they're married, what their family does.

watching surfers catch the wave break in barranco

stringing hand-sewn pom poms into garland

another friend i made in a vendor's stall

as if any of us needed more pouches, it was too hard to resist the amazing neon colors

traditional hats woven in neon colors, aceented with beads - i brought one home to add to my gallery wall.

lunch at huaca pucllana overlooking the ruins

we all brought back bags - these with the shoulder strap are perfect for daytripping in the city

we stopped by the mario testino exhibit at the mate museo

what an amazing view in burranco overlooking the water

we choose a few of our favorite hand-sewn cards and turned them into framed pieces - check out the charming scenes here
a textile-lovers dream
the testino exhibit was extra-fun.  

we spent two days at the marcado indio, and probably could've done more!

one-of-a-kind traditional vests made it back with us - perfect with jeans and a white tee

impossible to pick just one

another traditional costume accessory, i picked up a few strands of these furry rainbow garlands

pouches with traditional peruvian embroidery

long beaded strands became bracelets 

never enough pom poms

we watched these fruits take shape as the artist weaved them in his booth at the market

a magical corner in the market

we each scored a rug - frazedas are perfect for upholstery projects. 

the extra large embroidered scenes would be perfect custom framed 

if there's a ledge, a corner or a door knob in my house, most likely i have a tassel hanging from it

pretty bags woven from neon fabric 

how cute is this beach scene?

i picked up a few pairs of these rad sneakers woven from peruvian fabric

i can't describe how amazingly fluffy and luxurious the baby alpaca fur is.  i wanted a whole herd.

trimmed and beaded, these vests were one of our favorite finds.

the colors of peru are fantastic 

we had an amazing lunch at astrid y gaston

and of course of few of these guys made the trip back with us - they made a much more manageable herd.
photos by anna routh