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best of :: wisteria

By 5/23/2018
i've been using wisteria to source furniture and decor more and more with my design clients lately - when you can catch a sale, they have amazing simple and chic pieces that look much more expensive than they are, and are extremely high-quality, i think.

i noticed last night they've started their memorial day sale - and it's a deal: 25% off the entire site (use code salute25).  i rounded up a few things i think are exceptional, and all but a couple i've actually ordered in the past 6 months for decorating projects.  my faves - the ones with the little red hearts.

in all seriousness though (a phrase my mother loved to use to quell nonsense from my dad and me), this stuff is a steal right now - if you have any questions, shoot me an email.  we've literally worked with about all of it, so i can always offer my two to six or seven cents on it.

round mirror // white chair // pedestal table // sconce // yellow sofa // woven high back chair // blue and white jar // tiered console // black lamp // green bone garden stool // wood s-table // lucite desk // distressed mirror // leather woven chair // marble and wood dining table

The things i travel with - just the facts

By 5/22/2018 ,

i'm very grateful for the opportunity to travel a lot over the last few years.  if it's a kooky new country for a buying trip with anna and jessica, or a quick trip to nyc to tap into some of that crazy-creative energy, i've earned a boat-load of airline miles (huh?) and i've worked on streamlining my flying routine and am happy to share a few things i've found that are key to looking and feeling my best while taking a trip.  all my very own must-haves in the pic above, and i'll break it down a bit in the following:

sweater - a cardigan always on a flight.  the more i can burrow into it the better.  i have a disappointing track record of not sleeping a lick on planes, but i really feel the ultimate secret to success has to be in bundling.  i enjoy traveling in this cardigan from asos at the present, but an upgrade to shawl blanket type item is being researched.

earrings - these are always a call the morning of.  sometimes there's a tiny flicker of motivation to try at life stirring inside of you at 3:45am when you're getting dressed in the dark - so you throw on an easy pair, but sometimes the only thing - and i mean only thing on my mind those early-travel mornings is an everything bagel with jalapeño cream cheese from brueggers at the airport, so cute earrings don't make the list.  I feel better when they do though - you can cruise off the plane straight to a lunch, or a coffee catch-up meeting and you've got a little something going on.

nikes - these air forces ones are so freaking light.  like, i make everyone hold them so i can say, "see how light?" and they can be amazed.  it's a fact.  so they're easy to pack, but equally super-comfortable to travel in.  i think they're pretty dope, and at least two other teenagers will, so you've got fodder for new friendship, and they can do double-duty everyday shoes, and workout shoes.  bloop bloop.

good book - i think i don't read as much as I used to because i got a tv in the bedroom.  but, also worth considering,  i used to read every night to get to sleep, and lord knows i had a bevy of bullshit on my brain i was sorting through, so reading would start to filter out some of the more outrageous things and allow me to finally wind down.  as life would have it,  i find its a little easier, generally, to get to sleep at night now and unfortunately, my reading window has closed.  so i read almost exclusively on planes now.  i just finished this one. 

headphones - more than anything, i wear headphones to sleep.  i can't fit any earbuds in my ears (they're tiny i guess?) so i have to go with the bizness and these bose headphones do the trick for noise-cancelling.

comme des garçons shirts - just recently discovered their cute striped cotton long sleeved shirts, and i've been bringing a couple on trips.  really no matter the weather, they're a perfect, easy to stuff in a suitcase without wrinkling option for layering.

kiehl's mist - i get super dry on planes.  really kinda all the time these days.  this mist, if nothing, smells great and is refreshing and cool on tired, parched skin when you land, but it also boosts tibetan ginseng which increases skin-cell respiration.

hand cream - again with kiehl's but this is the best hand cream I've found.  it's super velvety and feels actually nurturing and the smell is everything.   it's travel size too.

batiste dry shampoo  - i put this on the night before I fly.  if i wash my hair before bed, i wake up with it kinda limp and bleh, so i add some of this to the roots and it gives it a lil life, plus it smells delicious.

melatonin - if I'm headed to a different time-zone for a bit, partially to Colorado or California, I'll take a melatonin at the front and back end of the trip to give myself a fighting chance of getting a good night's sleep during the transition.  I have gnarly dreams when I take it - those epic soap-opera worthy dramas.  kinda the best.

monday vibrations

By 5/21/2018
bath mat / bone mirror / striped t-shirt / nikes / abstract framed art / white lamp


By 5/17/2018
comme des garçons button up // kristin Ess beach spray // aviator nation sweatshirt // cold picnic


top ten with kate waddell

By 5/15/2018
today we're going live with a fun collection of paintings from charleston artist kate waddell - 25 of these candy-colored little gems, each one with so much personality.  with their layers of paint and the vibrant hues, the fruit and flowers seem to dance right off the page.

this is my favorite - 'dreaming of nevis'.  it just looks like summer.  can't you taste how bright and juicy that grapefruit is, and you can practically see the little daffodil bobbing in the breeze.  this collection makes me happy.  you can shop today at noon, est and keep reading to learn a little bit more about kate!



super-quick recap of charleston

By 5/14/2018
happy monday internet friends.  how about a little catch-up on the weekend jaunt we made to charleston recently?  a trip was in order - it had been nearly two years since my last, and it was really nice to visit again.  of course the focus was on food, catching up with some old friends and finding a few new gems in one of the loveliest cities in the south.
this was my first drive to Charleston, out of probably like 20, where i actually stopped at south of the border, a huge ghost town of a themepark on the border of north and South Carolina.  gem of gems was found - my new 100 mood ring.
breakfast at basic kitchen was a treat - the space is gorgeously good-looking.  designed by husband and wife team Kate and Ben Towill in the spirit of Havana, the room is bright and happy, with a chic island vibe that isn't too literal, or skimpy on sumptuous, like leather upholstery and colorful vintage fabrics.

how stinking cute is the bathroom mirror at basic kitchen, just handprinted on the wood?

miller's all day was another new eatery for me - you would be doing yourself and sandwiches everywhere a major disservice if you did not try the b.e.c. sandwich.  the brioche bread is so good you'll levitate out of your seat for a sec with each bite.

and this - it's a mellow yellow cocktail contraption and just a sip inspires some full-blown nostalgia for summer days spent at the neighborhood pool playing spit and burning the ever-living daylights out of our freckled 10 year old shoulders.

we had to stop by the planter's inn for a massive piece of their famous coconut cake.  

this redonkulousness came from Callie's hot biscuit right on king street.  we had a pre-breakfast there and then strolled across the street to jeni's for breakfast ice cream (it was his birthday, don't be so dang judgey)

have you tried jeni's?  I've instagrammed before about their black cat espresso ice cream.  ZZOOOOOOM.  that's the excitement it makes me feel.  i had salted honey pie and banana creme brûlée and I couldn't have been happier.  

him either.  it was great to get back to Charleston - it has been a couple of years! 


closet cravings

By 5/11/2018
1 - bathing suit h&m // 2 - sneakers golden goose // 3 - earrings madewell // 4 - camo windbreaker shopbop // 5 - v-neck tee madewell // 6 -  cropped jeans Nordstrom // 7 - nikes Nordstrom // 8 - striped dress // 9 - sweatshirt aviator nation // 10 - dress Isabel marant // 11 - sandals Chloe 

major manicure inspo

By 5/09/2018
i'm kinda having an over-the-top manicure moment - which means these days you'll find me glittered, speckled, spotted, dotted, evil-eyed or otherwise turnt up times ten because a solid manicure just won't cut it when there are so many exciting ways to customize your nails.

i get my nails pimped here in raleigh by the amazing crystal at nail yeah, on glenwood avenue.  she can always give life to my over-the-top ideas, and will sit and patiently apply sparkles, piece by piece with tweezers, while patiently listening to me complain about everything under the sun that's not even close to being a real problem.  she always has the best music on, the funniest instagram videos cued up to share and a fresh perspective on life that's always refreshing.  she has a treasure dove of nail decals you can sort through and select from, including drake's face, delicate little gold evil eyes, gothic letters and other crazy of-the-moment meme-worthy images.

my friends at paint base here in raleigh also do a turnt-up mani, so you've got some options!  and speaking of options - how about these fun ideas??  try one out next time you're due for getting your nails did.

the real raleigh :: anna applegate

By 5/07/2018
Name Anna Applegate
Occupation Interior decorator & mom

Who do you live with My husband, Ryan, and our 3 boys: Rob, James & Rence
Describe your style in 3 words Colorful, eclectic, comfortable

What do you collect vintage linens, design books
Favorite places to score finds for your home Union Camp Collective and Hunt & Gather in Raleigh; also, estate sales, auctions & Chairish.

One piece of advice you’d give an aspiring entrepreneur Be true to yourself & listen to your gut.
What’s the most important thing you’ve learned this year That it’s okay to say no sometimes.

Dream dinner party guests Michelle Obama & Theo Pinson
What do you bring with you everywhere you go? A tape measure & my paper calendar

You’ve done such a fantastic job at making your home feel special - what were some of your tricks I think it’s important to start with good basics (i.e. the right size rug, well-made upholstery, good lighting, pretty fabrics) and then add in unique pieces and things that reflect who actually lives there; so I’ve got lots of my boys’ artwork and special family pictures on display, alongside pieces of art and furniture that I’ve collected over the years and some random estate sale finds that just make me happy.

Favorite cocktail margarita, no salt
Necessary extravagance/simple indulgence Great lamps / take-out dinner every Friday night

Where is the last place you traveled Atlantic Beach
What did you bring back pretty seashells & an itch for summer

Fool proof dinner party tip serving anything that can be made ahead so that I can really enjoy being with my guests. 

Favorite hotel St. Regis Punta Mita, Mexico
The farthest you have been from home Kenya

Your favorite 3 things in your house My black chinoiserie living room curtains (I bought the vintage fabric on our first anniversary trip), the brass bed in our guest room that was my great-grandmother’s, and the lavender grasscloth wallpaper in my foyer (as the only female in this house, it’s nice to have a touch of femininity here and there).

Style Icon(s) Barrie Benson (incredibly talented Charlotte-based interior designer)
Color I never tire of Green

Two things you love about your job Getting to see pieces/rooms/houses transform & developing relationships with my clients and their families. 

Best concert you've ever been to Garth Brooks at the Dean Dome
Favorite song to dance to September by Earth, Wind & Fire

Indispensable design element great lighting fixtures
Song/album/station that always puts me in a great mood Sweet Caroline

What would be your perfect weekend? At the beach with my family, spending the day on the boat & on the sandbar. Also included: good food/drinks/books/friends.

What do you do first thing after you wake up Tip-toe downstairs so I don’t wake anyone else up and enjoy about 30 minutes of coffee & quiet time before the crazy morning routine commences.

Netflix obsession The Crown & old seasons of New Girl and Parks and Rec
What can you not stop thinking about my to-do list

Impromptu talent show - how do you win oh my gosh, I don’t, I’m hiding in the corner because I’m an introvert and talent shows are my nightmare.

Favorite restaurant Centro, Bella Monica, Tazza
What smell do you love gardenias; onions cooking in oil; salt air.

Favorite piece of clothing right now madewell cali demi-boot jeans
Favorite place to buy clothes The Real Real, Anthropologie

What surprises you about Raleigh The growth! I grew up here and I’m constantly amazed by how the city has evolved.
What’s really important to you right now faith and family, always.

What’s always in your refrigerator orange juice, milk, cheese & coffee creamer
Book you're reading right now Tattoos on the Heart by Gregory Boyle

Favorite song right now My Burden with Me by Mipso
A book you've read more than once The Chronicles of Narnia by C.S. Lewis; our boys love us to read these again and again.

How do you unwind pulling weeds in my yard
Fave flower Hydrangea

Favorite place to get coffee in Raleigh Yellow Dog
What would you save in a fire Portraits of my boys