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the real raleigh :: Harriet Mills

By 11/09/2018

name harriet mills
occupation ceo / co-founder of wine & design
what’s your sign pisces

who do you live with my husband patrick, and my three kids patrick jr. - 9, abigail - 7 and cooper - 1, and hallie, my sweet golden retriever who passed away right after this shoot

what do you collect i like to keep my old designer things that i can pass down to my daughter.  my first pair of jimmy choos , and my first louis v.  i have designer dresses and outfits i have also stored for her in hopes she will love them as much as i do one day.

describe your style in 3 words classic, artsy, chic
fool proof dinner party tip a good 90s playlist is a must, great flowers and when i say flowers i mean flowers everywhere, bathroom, side tables, center pieces etc. flowers bring anything to life ;)

what would be your perfect weekend at the beach, on a boat with my family and my brother and sister in law and niece and nephew

favorite piece of clothing right now i am loving all of ulla johnson things right now! but just bought a pair of vejas and feel pretty hip in them! Oooo and since leopard print is my favorite and it’s apparently hot right now i have gone on a leopard print buying spree and loving every piece so far

dream dinner party guests bradley cooper (have you heard him sing? ..WOW) ...snoop dog, prince harry and princess megan, will smith, rebel wilson, joan rivers

favorite cocktail champagne..or vodka water with two lemons!
what’s always in your refrigerator milk, because i have a 1 year old who could be a cow he drinks so much. and of champagne!

what do you attribute your success in business to being brave, confident and motivated and always being ON TIME! also, my husbands support, the love for my franchise partners and my amazing team.
two things you love about your job my team and finding creative solutions to help my franchisees make more money and do their jobs easier

your favorite 3 things in your house my interior designer, betsy anderson and katie o'neal helped me and love everything they did, so finding 3 things will be hard. but i love my designers guild wall paper in my dining room, with the pink velvet seats. i also love the painting i did in my hallway - it has holes in it from where my son and his friends shot darts through it -- so i incorporated that into painting and love it even more. lastly I would say my photos of my family.  it can looks cluttered, but i like to look up and see photos of my grandmother, mom & dad, brother and sister in law, etc.  makes you remember them when you don’t get to see them every day.

best concert you've ever been to U2.  one of the first dates my husband took me too. he had me hooked from there.
favorite song to dance to mustang sally

3 favorite things about your house i love love love our neighborhood and neighbors.  i love the fact that I have children in and out of my house at all times of the day.  it's so great that I can just let my kids run out and not have to worry.  plus my neighbors are pretty awesome as well.  i also love the french modern feel of my house.

favorite restaurant pooles diner
what smell do you love roses
what would people be surprised to learn about you i love sports.

what do you like to do in your home i actually like to cook when i have time. then sit on my back porch and eat as a family. it’s a tradition that my family did when i grew up, and it just brings back a little bit of “home” for me. 

one piece of advice you’d give an aspiring entrepreneur get a mentor and listen to everything they say, line up meetings and stick with them. i have been lucky to have the CEO of great clips who has taken me under her wing and really has helped me along the way.
what’s the most important thing you’ve learned this year that life is short. try to take out the drama and focus on the important things around you.
what’s really important to you right now family -- i always thought it was funny hearing your parents and grandparents say they grow up so fast, but honestly i have no idea what and how 9 years have gone by and i have a 9 and 7 year old.

favorite place to get coffee in raleigh third place
what surprises you about raleigh we don’t have a neimans yet!

netflix obsession sharp objects
what can you not stop thinking about my trip to italy next year!

book you're reading right now circle maker, 100 days to brave, thrive
favorite hotel greenwich hotel NYC

what do you bring with you everywhere you go lip gloss and my work notebook and my jesus calling prayer book
favorite place to buy clothes vermillion, fleur, shopbop, moda operandi, zara
who would you want to play you in your biopic whoever the modern day Scarlett o'hara would be today.

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  1. So sorry to hear about the passing of your pup, Ms. Mills! Hopefully, the photos will be a sweet memory for the whole family. Beautiful home and fun, fun article! XO

  2. What fabric did you all use on the roman shades in the kitchen? Also, I am sorry about your pup, they really are part of the family.

  3. Really about your golden retriever. :( hope you have found patience and peace. Love your house! <3