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By 11/07/2018

my friends Matt and Nicole are the proprietors of Raleigh's newest boutique hotel, guest house, and they graciously extended an invite to several of my friends and me this weekend to enjoy the house with them before it opens for online booking.  what. a time.  a true indulgence - it was a little staycation in raleigh, and such a lovely experience to share it with the owners.  we filled the 8 bedrooms with lots of laughs, some really loud 90s music and a contagious optimism for the current vibe in raleigh.  they are opening their online booking later this week, and I couldn't be more convinced that this is the spot to be.  a gorgeous restored historic home with 8 thoughtfully furnished rooms, several communal spaces for socializing, and a beautiful back garden for lounging, plus the MOST comfortable mattress I've ever slept on - treat yourself to night away from the everyday at Matt and Nicole's magical new spot.

remember all those cropped wool pants I dug out of the closet in aspen?  they're tad's mom's - she literally left a treasure trove of vintage finds that I'm slowly working into my wardrobe.  these rust colored ones are giving me autumnal life, and I've got a gray, navy, and khaki pair ready to move into rotation.  Asher stole/borrowed the pink ones, and I can't wait to her angle on our new vintage-aspen lewk. 

I've got a few small spaces in the kondo that need some love - the laundry room being a total eyesore right now that can use all the help it can get.  I brought home this vintage rug, thinking it would do the trick, but it's just a touch too big.  my loss, maybe your laundry room's gain.  it's so soft and the color palette is perfection.

extra-into both of these nikes for the winter-timez.  love the shoelaces on the side.  top pair here, and bottom pair here.

last night I saw the new queen documentary and it had me grinning from ear to ear when I left the theatre.  I'm so glad I learned some of the history of the band, and of Freddy mercury.  I think it's important to layer the story over the music.  it all makes sense now - that it never really needed to make sense.

I've had a consistent girl crush on Sara Kate little for a long time.  her shop in Oklahoma City seems like a jewel box of pretty little bits.  I haven't been able to go, but I did send tad in for a FaceTime visit so I could virtually geek out on her color-filled world.  I love following her IG feed for an insta-dose of happiness, and always leave inspired.


  1. Love your ivory sweater. Where's it from? Looks great with the red pants too!