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sneak peek of Jenny prinn's pop-up works

By 10/16/2018

now i'd like for you to peruse these offerings by maine artist jenny prinn and then tell me directly that you do not care for them and that you do not feel just a titch happier simply from taking the next few moments to look at them with your brain.  go ahead.  i'll wait.


see, doesn't that feel nice?  i think so too.

jenny's art is popping up on furbish tomorrow, thursday 10/18 at 12pm est.  there are 40 pieces, and they range in size from 11" x 15" to 18" x 24", and are priced from $310 to $620.

lots of them are perfect for pairing, and some even a triple situation.  just think about how happy they made us feel just then scrolling through -- you can tap into that all the time with one in your home.  in a pretty frame, custom matted -- imagine it!  you can ship it for free to framebridge, and have a brand new gorgeous framed piece of original art in no time.  i suggest it, i encourage it, and i may even do it myself.  let's do things that make us happy.