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By 10/23/2018

I really enjoyed a look into Emily Schoen's home - featured on the everygirl.  she's the Visual Director and Operations Manager at The Maryn and her style is fresh, fun, sophisticated and extra-achievable.  best kind in my opinion!
our new downtown urban outfitters is open, and I feel very excited about that.  I have no problem killing an hour at urban on a Sunday afternoon, wandering through the funny picture frames, sushi cat keychains, and generally seeing what the young people are doing.  I found an armful of things to try on, and there were some real winners, including this skirt, and this jumpsuit.

whelp, i moved in kondo le tig this week and Jesus sat the sun down in a right pretty way over my new home at the end of a very long, very sucky move-in day.

I'm feeling this new phone case collab with baublebar and off my case.  I don't think I'll get my name on a case, but I have a few ideas up my sleeve of what might be fun to personalize one with....
tad was on a motorcycle trip in the nc mountains last weekend, and just happened upon a guy doing the same - who's from raleigh, and makes really dope things out of concrete, like these chairs!  check out his ig account
instagram also wanted me to know about Brooklyn artist tom fruin who created this water tower out of plexiglass and steel. Situated on the rooftop of 20 Jay Street the sculpture is viewable from the parks and streets of Dumbo, the Brooklyn and Manhattan Bridges, FDR Drive and Lower Manhattan. The prime viewing locations are the Brooklyn Bridge Park at Washington Street, and the Manhattan Bridge bike path. 
amidst all the mess of unpacking this week, I found solace in my new closet and the new carpet in the master bedroom.  this whole big white box modern experiment is still very unfamiliar to me, but I feel warm and cozy in this room.  there's comfort in a job well done, and the experience of working with California closets, and eatman's was honestly the most reassuring, professional and satisfying part of this whole process so far.