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nyc the second verse.

By 8/23/2018

we'll just ease into nyc part 2.

I worked some at the marlin, because they provide the internetz, the latte, and the people watching.  I can hammer out a good two, three hours of work on my laptop given a good hotel lobby situation.  also, this wallpaper in the bathroom initiated a few feels.  I'm feeling v. much pop-arty of late.

momacha opened up recently on bowery - it's got a cool vibe, and an interesting concept.  founded by nev Schulman, from catfish, remember! - it's a matcha bar and art exhibition space. it has all the cbd edibles and adaptogens, plus Donald Robertson was the artist au courant so there was plenty of eye candy as well.

I stopped by the office's of extra-cool pr agency nylon, just down from momacha, and had a real moment with this screen - it's available from the inside, Christiane Lemieux' new venture.  remember when I spoke on the panel with her in Utah?  og glady boss - she was a force.  she was kind enough to grab a dinner with me after the panel and share her mega-loads of wisdom on e-commerce.  what stuck with me is what she said about data - that online, it's all about the numbers.  cashflow, is king and live and die by the data.  I wasn't quite ready to wrap my head around that then, but it's stuck, and now, more than ever, going into my 10th year of business, I remember what she told me, and admire her immensely for what she's done with dwell, wayfaire, and now the inside.
in furb news i ordered these glasses for the store - really pretty right?  a little Rita Konig moment to make america great again.

and some rull cute holiday stuff from coral & tusk.  I feel like this Christmas is going to be a festive one, you think?  I'm ready for fall, the switch has flipped.  I put on a sweatshirt dress today and said temperature be damned.  there's no going back - I'm ready for fall, and winter and the holidays and Christmas Best Buy commercials on prime time tv in the background and velvet blazers and Chex mix and oysters and all the good things that happen at the end of the year.

speaking of original og to-the-max lady bosses -- Jordan freaking ferney.  she debuted her latest project - the nyc color factory last week and I was so proud to attend the opening.  she was lit.ter.ally the very first blog I read, from cover to cover, more than once.  sitting at my desk at ad spice, I was 24 years old, and she opened up a whole new world of possibility to me.  I will always be grateful for how brave she was to share her life, and her goals and her struggles with her readers.  I'm super-stoked to travel with her - we're headed to india together next spring.  what a wild wonderful world, huh?

another little snapshot of the new apartment.  this is our entry - so cute right?  will people think I have totally lost my mind if I were to put some flowers there one week?  that's ridiculous right?  I have so much to learn.

I did get myself to brooklyn (I walked over the bridge!) to check out collyer's mansion, a cute little home store that had been popping up on my ig feed.  it didn't disappoint.  all the goodness packed into a pint size boutique.  my jam.

and right around the corner - grand army.  so attractive.  I did some window-oogling and then had to just walk in and see for myself.  such great artwork, lighting and a really happy vibe.  I didn't have time to grab a bite, but it was immediately added to the list in my phone of things to try asap. 
let's not forget that we discovered that muji will customize anything you buy there with the best little Japanese embroidered goodness.  $3 and 24 hours later, you can have a totally one-of-a-kind item.  yas for sure

digging through the collection of African textiles I love to shop when I'm in nyc.  I brought back some pretty ones.  also this dress - I got it here.  I know everyone pimped the life out of it during the nordstrom sale, but it is actually really good. super flattering. brings all the boys to the yard.  if you're into that?
my fave thing of the week was calling on an old friend of tad's, Danny minnick, at his studio on bowery.  Danny is a pro-skateboarder, turned artist, and we caught up with him painting in preparation for a show in Germany in a few weeks.  he's having a moment, for sure.

I was overwhelmed with inspiration as soon as we we walked in, like could've taken a knee Friday nights lights style.  I really wasn't expecting to dig the art as much as I did - I had no idea what to expect.  the colors were so vibrant, the pinks and oranges with murky olive greens, flashing yellow and soft purple.  it felt electric.

Danny's thing is his skeleton - he painted this mural on Elizabeth street, right behind his loft.

when he asked to paint my bag, I didn't hesitate.  I'm not one to keep things too precious, and I'm still a clemmons girl with a penchant for crushing on skeletons and skateboarders.  oh New York - I'm picking up what you're putting down.