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chambers austelle

By 8/27/2018

tomorrow we're popping up with charleston artist chambers austelle - she's painted an exclusive set of mini ladies especially for furbish, and I have to say i am digging all their vibes.  go cruise around her IG and get a feel for her work - i think you'll like it!

chambers says of the work: I am exploring the complex way in which our society views women and their relation to beauty. Inspired by fashion photography and the evolution of the roles of women, I place idealized women in isolated settings saturated with bright colors, challenging the viewer to confront the dichotomy between the perception of liberation and that of confinement.

fierce right? and look at these ladies - doing the most, and i'm so into it. we're launching 16 faces tomorrow at 12pm est. they come matted to 11" x 14" and are $360 each. check back tomorrow for more on chambers, the force behind the girl-gang!