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a foolproof recipe for a lunch with fancy french feels

By 8/15/2018

This post is sponsored by Pinnacle® Vodka

i'll certainly miss my backyard when i make the move downtown next month. it was perfect for hosting dinner parties (we fit a long table of 25 for my birthday!), impromptu sunday fundays after brunch (the water feature was always ig-ready -- we'd end up posing on the rocks like iguanas sunning their bellies on a bright beach day) and for lovely ladies lunches with a super-casual vibe.

i had a few friends over last week to help me brainstorm on some blog content. i'm finding that my friends are my best sources for inspiration - i've been hosting them more frequently to help me with feedback on what's working and what's not. we bounce ideas off of each other, and they give me invaluable guidance on what my readers are interested in seeing these days.

we gathered out back, easy-as-could-be style, and enjoyed a little french-inspired meal while the goldfish splashed in the pond, the schnauzies begged for cheese bites and lovely gardenia bush i'll be so sad to leave swayed beside us, scenting the air with the sweetest aroma that's certified southern.

the setup was a breeze - i threw a pretty vintage textile over the coffee table for a festive french feel, and paired it with my fave blue and white splatter plates, navy gingham napkins and i served the food on a few wooden cutting boards.

the menu was extra-simple - i popped by fresh market that morning and grabbed a french baguette,  a roasted chicken and some fresh olives.  in the fridge, i had cornichons (could literally eat an entire jar), a couple of cheeses, and some fruit.  i hardboiled a few eggs, sliced them up, and voila - such a great lunch to enjoy leisurely while we met, all inspired by french ingredients.

to take the leisure up a notch, we sipped a chic cocktail that felt about as parisian as possible.  our twist on a vodka soda: pinnacle vodka with just a splash of french lemonade soda, a sprig of mint from my garden and a strawberry garnish because why not, we fancy.  (btw, Pinnacle® Original Vodka is the most awarded French vodka, receiving numerous awards for its taste and quality since 2013!).

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