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super-quick recap of charleston

By 5/14/2018

happy monday internet friends.  how about a little catch-up on the weekend jaunt we made to charleston recently?  a trip was in order - it had been nearly two years since my last, and it was really nice to visit again.  of course the focus was on food, catching up with some old friends and finding a few new gems in one of the loveliest cities in the south.

this was my first drive to Charleston, out of probably like 20, where i actually stopped at south of the border, a huge ghost town of a themepark on the border of north and South Carolina.  gem of gems was found - my new 100 mood ring.
breakfast at basic kitchen was a treat - the space is gorgeously good-looking.  designed by husband and wife team Kate and Ben Towill in the spirit of Havana, the room is bright and happy, with a chic island vibe that isn't too literal, or skimpy on sumptuous, like leather upholstery and colorful vintage fabrics.

how stinking cute is the bathroom mirror at basic kitchen, just handprinted on the wood?

miller's all day was another new eatery for me - you would be doing yourself and sandwiches everywhere a major disservice if you did not try the b.e.c. sandwich.  the brioche bread is so good you'll levitate out of your seat for a sec with each bite.

and this - it's a mellow yellow cocktail contraption and just a sip inspires some full-blown nostalgia for summer days spent at the neighborhood pool playing spit and burning the ever-living daylights out of our freckled 10 year old shoulders.

we had to stop by the planter's inn for a massive piece of their famous coconut cake.  

this redonkulousness came from Callie's hot biscuit right on king street.  we had a pre-breakfast there and then strolled across the street to jeni's for breakfast ice cream (it was his birthday, don't be so dang judgey)

have you tried jeni's?  I've instagrammed before about their black cat espresso ice cream.  ZZOOOOOOM.  that's the excitement it makes me feel.  i had salted honey pie and banana creme brûlée and I couldn't have been happier.  

him either.  it was great to get back to Charleston - it has been a couple of years!