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major manicure inspo

By 5/09/2018

i'm kinda having an over-the-top manicure moment - which means these days you'll find me glittered, speckled, spotted, dotted, evil-eyed or otherwise turnt up times ten because a solid manicure just won't cut it when there are so many exciting ways to customize your nails.

i get my nails pimped here in raleigh by the amazing crystal at nail yeah, on glenwood avenue.  she can always give life to my over-the-top ideas, and will sit and patiently apply sparkles, piece by piece with tweezers, while patiently listening to me complain about everything under the sun that's not even close to being a real problem.  she always has the best music on, the funniest instagram videos cued up to share and a fresh perspective on life that's always refreshing.  she has a treasure dove of nail decals you can sort through and select from, including drake's face, delicate little gold evil eyes, gothic letters and other crazy of-the-moment meme-worthy images.

my friends at paint base here in raleigh also do a turnt-up mani, so you've got some options!  and speaking of options - how about these fun ideas??  try one out next time you're due for getting your nails did.