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take a look it's in a book : the books I'm always gifting

By 4/25/2018

i've been on a book-giving spree lately. i told you about the four agreements and how it was one of those what i needed when i needed it kind of things... so i've gifted that one to a few of my life-minded peeps.  along with that, i find these 4 books are always appreciated, by just about everyone.

perfectly imperfect home is practical advice for anyone who wants to make it nice.
and it's one of my favorite books of all-time - all the advice i gleaned from domino in one pretty handbook told through the lens of impossibly chic deborah needleman.  I think I've told you - I used to give this book to new furbish employees and say 'here's the deal - welcome".

there's really never been a time that giving less fucks wouldn't be to your advantage.  this cute little coffee table book is a great mix of get-it-girl oprah style advice mixed with a biting realism that reads more lady-boss and less saccharine sweet self-help.   throw in with a birthday gift, or good for a grad -- really any chick in your life that's ready to realize they might can do things a bit differently than they thought they 'should'.

gypset style is impractical inspiration for anyone who wants to make it extra-nice.  nothing groundbreaking inside, but i do like the vibe this books gives off - you know how just adding it to a vignette says 'i'm trying'.  let your friends know you support their efforts to be more effortless in their lifestyle endeavors.

and the thoughts i had but couldn't remember notebook is great for any friend that's busy doing all the things, and needs to instagram about it, because there's nothing like a neon pink book in the IG pic to get the likes.  a lifestyle prop, and a place to jot down your lifestyle propositions.  archie grand makes all kinds of cute little notebooks with sayings such as 'lovers i've had and liked',  'shooting estates I've been to and liked', and connoisseurs i met and liked.