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artist to watch: Ron Nicole Robinson

By 4/29/2018

tomorrow we're featuring the sculptures of philadelphia artist ronni nicole robinson over at furbish. we discovered her on instagram, and it didn't take a minute for us to realize she had something really special going on with her 'floral fossils' -- these intricate little odes to the delicate flowers she collects, captured in other-worldly casts.  ronni describes her intent with her work:

Every design I create is purposeful. My Floral Inspired Fossils are meant to make you feel a certain way when you look at them. They are also meant to give you permission to slow down in life. Since many of the details captured from the flower are quite subtle, you will need to stop what you are doing. Your undivided attention is absolutey necessary or you might miss something. Once you walk away, they will do what they do best. They will hang in the background of your home until you are ready to slow down again

Ronni lays each individual flower on to hand-rolled clay. One by one, she carefully removes them from the clay, exposing all of their beautiful details left behind. After adding her signature, a wooden frame is placed over the clay so that the plaster/concrete mix can be poured on top. Once the mix has set, the clay is peeled away to reveal their relief.

i'm so glad we've added ronni to our roster of talented artists - her ethereal works capture something innate in all of us -- in each of the flowers, and in the observer.  a call to look deeper, last longer.  stay in the minute, dig in.  the sculptures prove the importance of a moment, to stop and realize growth, death, and the steps in between.

whelp, i'm pretty much ready for a beret and a booth at art basel with that description - don't know where that came from.  i really like ronni's work - make sure to check out her website (it's so good-looking and well done, especially the journal.  also check out her house tour on designsponge - it's very inspiring to see where she works, and how she lives with flowers, and her art.  her new collection of works will go live on furbish tomorrow, at 12pm est.