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things i found noteworthy enough to screencap this week

By 3/05/2018

love hollywood at home, and schuyler samperton's feed is always dreamy. perfect mix of the two in this pic. also reminder to buy some ranunculus if i see them in raleigh. and to put a bowlful of green rocks out.

i just finished binging 7 seasons of GOT and i'm obsessed with dog shows so this NYT article was perfectly silly and screencapped to send to tad.
i'm constantly drooling over cabana's tabletop collection on moda operandi.  i bookmarked this to remember to take a dive into the stylist - cljhome
through designer leanne ford, i discovered austin painter alexandra valenti -- loving these large scale paintings.  reaching out about a pop-up shop this week!

i thought this was super impressive for an e-design project!  they can be really tough to pull off remotely, esp. an art installation like this.

i just think this is cool.

i heard this on npr yesterday and shazaamed it.  then we listened to it while cooking breakfast and putzing around the house.  i suggest.  try starting a station w/ this song.

we're launching our pop-up with birmingham painter mckenzie dove - when i saw this image on IG i knew her work would be such a great fit for furbish.  i love grouping her smaller pieces together like this.  tomorrow they start at $165 so a gallery wall is totally a possibility!

last time i was in playa del carmen i noticed a lot of the local dudes has loteria tattoos.  and they were really good looking.  i forgot how much i love these images.  wouldn't it be cool to blow a few up and frame?

i found this via a house tour on OKL and liked this simple and fun take on a kid's room.  jessica is looking for nursery inspiration, and i swear, good kid's rooms are really hard to come by.