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By 3/03/2018

this story about pip, the american dog turned pierre in paris is great.

after a week in nyc, i left resolutely convinced that this is me now.
except it isn't.  due to monetary and availability issues, mainly.

instead a got a few pair of these on sale.  they are highwaisted in a mostly non-ironic way, and that seems to work for my sensabilities.

i was craving a new and different item in my home life, so i brought this home to drape over the headboard (i have a tan linen one, and it's a nice shape to hang a textile over and pretty much reinvent the whole

thing). i also want to be arty-french-modern in my life so i was envisioning an all white sheet moment with just a beautiful exotic new and different textile as the magic in the room. then i realized i had one in my stacks and stacks of textiles and it would be entirely more judicious to return it to furbish, so, it's back.  you may benefit now from my lack of new and different.

isn't it funny - this post is from 11 YEARS AGO!!! (how is that possible?) and i'd splurged on a suzani for our bed and olivia, the world's dumbest cat, peed on it like 4 days in and ruined it.  i just wasn't ready in my life to be that person apparently.  maybe i am now?

how pretty is this?  actually, this whole place is kinda cool.

i'm also having a bookcase craving.  it's all coming back.  in the last couple of years, i've pretty much purged my books and while it felt extremely liberating for some time, the craving to collect is coming back.  i've been in my current living room for about a year now - it's probably the longest i've gone without having lots of things... books... stuff out around me.  i know i want to pare down, but i think books are a non-negotiable.  i can feel their lack.  so i'm researching an elfa type wall-mounted shelf situation.  this being my ultimate inspiration - it shouldn't be so hard right?  i think i can do it with something like this, but less aggressive.

alright, well if you haven't clicked away down some internet hole yet, i can tell you that i hope you enjoy your weekend.  it's warm and sunny here, and everything is blooming.  rowdy and i had salmon for lunch and now we're going to walk to get some coffee.  check out a new pop-up shop with mckenize dove at furbish on tuesday, anticipate daylight savings time in one week!!! and watch 1 hour of the oscars sunday night, preferably with your gay best friend and in athleisure wear.