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david hockney at the met

By 2/28/2018

nyc is all about the inspiration for me - from ogling the street style, to trying delicious food at well-designed restaurants.  i l ove the carefully curated shopping, graffiti, wandering down streets, gazing up to get glimpses through windows of what life looks when nyc is home.  by far, i was most moved this trip by the david hockney exhibit at the met.  i was familiar with his work, but didn't know much about the scope.  as i wandered through room after room of his body of work i was simply put: delighted.  and after delight comes the best part - the ideas.  what can i do?  what's next.  how do i bring this home.  how can i get more?  well, i bought the coffee table book to start (it's so good)!


  1. Gah, so many cravings... thanks for the lovely recomendations, keep it up!