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drinks on me.

By 12/28/2017

well good morning.  i hope your holidays have been enjoyable, and you continue to celebrate excellent tidings and joy right up into the new year.  i'm doing my very best and the results are in: i'm pretty great.  great for me means occupied (as in my time, not my sovereign land), calm, loved, excited, inspired, fed, binging on a tv series and healthy. 

i've been in colorado for about 10 days.  right this second, i'm at the little nell, a hotel right at the bottom of ajax mountain, in downtown aspen.  i've been breakfasted and now i'm working in the lobby.  it's lovely - light filled, the appropriate upholstery for both style and practicality (why is that so hard for every other hotel to pull off?), and replete with the. best. people. watching. ever.

there are approx. 14 of us crammed on a siberian sofa that runs the length of the window, while the other 5 seating groups sit empty, aside from a bottle of dom peringnon chilling on each coffee table that's apparently the ticket to entry.  i've heard the host tell at least 5 parties who've slumped greedily into the seemingly open seats that you have to buy the bottle, or spend $650 to sit.  at lunch.  it's not even noon.  oh wait, someone just took one.  that leaves 4

there's a doberman that weighs 120lbs beside me, with his nose literally touching my biscotti - his owner is from norway and has at least 4" of height to his hair.  it's enviable.  i'm a girl that wears abercrombie and fitch (like, right now) and the best i can do here is blow my hair straight because i think that somehow conveys i have all the time, electricity and nimble young wrists to tug and wrap my split ends into an effortless swoop.

a family just took another dom table.  lord help.

how about i dump out some updates on my life and times and let's pretend to do it over a bottle of champs.

 redoing the house here is gaining momentum from snail to faster snail.  i ordered a headboard from one kings lane yesterday, and that feels right.

there's a lot of natural wood vibez like this happening all throughout the house - and i'm getting into it with this green color - right?  this is so outside of my box - i'm looking for all the instruction i can find.

gonna try for a few ralph lauren rugs - we're a vendor so that certainly helps the budgeting dept.
 all i really want from my home decoration is to pull things off like maura endres. this ig post was my star of wonder last week. i even bought a faux antler for our wreath, but it looked like a chicken bone hanging from a limb.
so i kept it simple and if you crop the picture real tight and forget about the absence of impeccably styled bar, effortlessly kooky lampshades, perfectly sprouted amaryllis, and some fancy feathers, we're all good.

me presenting my wreath - i got real into them this year, see?

we pretty much had to start from scratch with our ornaments, so i harkened back to a project i'd done with my mom before - i ordered clear glass balls, a set of acrylic paint, some glitter and a couple dozen dixie cups, and we had friends over for crafts and chili.   
basically you take the top off the ornament, pour a generous dollop of paint in, add a couple of colors, glitter to liking, and then either shake or let gravity slowly swirl the paint around the glass.  magical.
also magical - these glasses i found in my stocking.  what a time.
in other shopping news, i scored this coat at club monaco for a bunch of percent off. i feel it's me now.  (it appears grey is sold out but there's pink and navy)
i also recently got this jacket thing from h&m and despite this douchey picture where i look like i'm again, the top-performing real eastate agent in the tri-city area, it's v. attractive in person.  those are the target shoes.  diane von furstenburg's daughter sat at the table next to me at dinner last night, and she thought they were prada.  that's not true at all, but she had on a cuff that was a huge enamel gift bow and it looked cute AF.  oh, and good high-waisted madewell jeans.
additionally, moreover and furthermore (remember when you learned transitional paragraph starter words - I DO!), cj laing just opened downtown and obviously, this gives me an appropriate amount of feels.  they do a winter pom pom moment exceptionally well.

other honorable mentions of the last week go to this cheeseboard duo i crafted for christmas dinner.

these pups at the local shelter who'd just arrived from a reservation in new mexico. there were 9 babies and their momma. they looked like little piglets and they all wanted to pile in my lap. refer to above where i said i'm doing pretty great.  hat is here and sweater w/bows here (on sale!).

and this sweater that's the warmest, softest and most camoflaugiest.

in closing, a favor.  anyone know this fabric?  it's super heavy and the stripes are about 1" wide.  i'd surely appreciate any guesses.


  1. This post was simply brilliant. Aspen, a little place where the beer flows like wine where beautiful women instinctively flock like the salmon of Capistrano

  2. I think Aspen is a fun town - it's been years but I'm sure the vibe remains. I'm excited that you are going to be decorating your home some because I love your interior posts the most, I did a bit of green in my guest bedroom last year and I'm still thinking about more. It's so fresh and really a neutral to me. I just want to live in Maura Endres IG feed. I've begged her to "do" a book. Don't you want to see more? I do! I made those marbleized ornaments with my daughter years ago (now that you've posted them they'll probably be back! #trendsetter And your charcuterie boards were gorgeous!! Happy New Year!

  3. Well, you certainly outdid on this one! One for the books....you had me at the dom peringnon seating situation...

  4. Regarding the guess on the fabric -- wool sisal?