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the vacation me.

By 11/15/2017 ,

i'm so stoked to be headed back to mexico for thanksgiving next week.  we spent last thanksgiving in playa del carmen and tulum - and it was extraceptional.  in all of my 37 years, it was the first time i've gone rogue for the holiday, and it felt amazingly light and liberating to do your own thing on a day that has such a strong charge around it.  lots of us feel the stress of that comes with high-expectation holidays, and i can't say enough to advocate just letting yourself off the hook once in a while.  you don't have to be everywhere and do everything, for everyone else, ya know?

i fell down an instagram hole the other night that started with rag & bone's creative director and ended up on the cookie monster, but somewhere in between, i got inspired and decided 'who i want to be' on this vacation and consequently piled up a cart full of life-altering kaftans and cover-ups.  (you know that feeling - when you're planning a vacation and it's so obviously an opportunity to be your best, most chic-est self.  you'll dress differently, laugh prettier, your self-tanner won't be orange this time, there's probably a cocktail previously undiscovered that will be your new drink when you return home and your friends will be all 'look at you now, drinking tequila and soda!".

anyway.  here.

jumpsuit // bathing suit here and here // shoes leopard and tan // earrings // tote // black dress

pullover // dress // hat // earrings // jumpsuit // kaftan // bathing suit // dress