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By 11/16/2017

we really have so much to talk about - let's dive right in.

foremost, digging out bathing suits (and other short, exposing, fun! pieces) for vacation when you're: 1) a vampire and have forsaken fake tanner (well really, it forsook me) and 2) have outwardly taken on the form of a downhill skier because your thighs are so theeeeck you're one protein bar away from slicking up and flexing in a string bikini with crunchy curls -- is not a good time.

oh boy, what a treat.  i ordered 17 things - no joke, no #fakenews here (see yesterday's post).  and i'm keeping one seventeenth of my order  -  a high-neck zip up black one-piece bathing suit that i swear to god is the same as the bodyglove one i wore when i was 13 and had huge boobs and thought what a great way to hide them - here beneath this zipper that would roll them out like a red carpet at the slightest tug.  i honestly am just going to move to texas and follow warren jeffs - there's none of this 'resort wear' shit to contend with when you're a sister-wife.

let's throw it back for a second, if you don't mind.  if you follow my lurching instagram stories (lurching like the way a chicken pecks - violently, then languid, then peck!),  you know i was in aspen when autumn struck and i heralded the season appropriately in a number of different manners:

i made a bread like food with a spice cake mix, a mess of pumpkin spice chips and some buttercream frosting.  the chips mostly sank to the bottom; however, our breakfasts were certainly elevated with a little slice of cakebread each morning.

we donated 438 years worth of threadbare bath towels to the animal shelter and reinvented ourselves with new pendleton towels for the house. (i have to get pink/red because my hair is pink/red and between you and me, that's hair dye)

we marveled over the yellow and red and orange colored leaves - tad tried to prepare me for the grand leaf extravanganza prior to our trip, and i assumed he was exaggerating until i laid eyes on the jigsaw-puzzle-worthy mountains swathed in bob ross rusts and golden marigolds.  it was outstanding.  i've never.

so, that was lovely.
in fashion that does work news, these emerald bars were a lovely gift and perfect to wear in my third holes.  i needed something i could sleep in - because if i had to take them out everyday surely i'd lose them, and these were perfect.  emerald is my birthstone.

i took a screenshot of these two outfits on instagram because they're basically what i want to wear all. of. the. time.  please just send a note, or wave a flag or something when i mention i might buy clothing that's colorful or cute or whatever.  i hate it.  

i'm much happier, and comfortable in black.  these jeans are from madewell and they're fantastic - i'll never not wear high-rise denim again, until it's out of fashion.  this is the h&m furry coat and i wore it in chicago during freezingtimes and it did just fine.

onto to chicago -- anna, amir (no, that mustache isn't for real - well, i guess it was very real that night), tad and i went the windy city for 72 hours to eat.  we did ALL of the eating ... curtis duffy's restaurant grace was first, then grant achatz's alinea and finished with his newer endeavor, next.  it was something else - 17 courses, 17 wine pairings, dessert made right on the table, courses served in the kitchen alongside the staff, magic, suspense, strong language, adult nudity - no.  but still!  it was a once in a lifetime opportunity and i'm #soblessed i got to experience these amazing restaurants.  i think next was our favorite, in terms of food, but the experience at alinea was unrivaled, and i certainly suggest if you get an opportunity go!  
it's expensive, but not in that hamilton sort of way, where you look around and know that everyone spent a mortgage payment to be there - that, coupled with you're all so hyped up with sensationalized expectations of seeing THE BEST SHOW ever, that when it starts, and just really isn't that good, at all, you still grin and bear it and wonder if you're the only one in the room who didn't vote for trump.

the restaurants aren't like that.  it's worth it.  i think.  you slurp an oyster of an ice ball.

back in mcrealville, this is what i eat like when i'm in raleigh.  that's a standard chip buffet featuring hummus straight out of the container, kettle chips, doritos mix cheese explosion™ and straight-up ranch dressing in a bowl.

also, 4 pieces of wedding cake.  (just a quick plug - that's our daya ikat quilt and i am telling you, it's the perfect soft snuggy blanket to keep by the sofa for sundays when you want to chill and eat 4 pieces of wedding cake).

well there you have it.  it's thursday.  the sun is shining and rowdy is having a puppuccino.  i just ordered another round of bad clothing choices from free people (is that me now, am i carefree with wide legs and gauzy embroidered tops?), and i'm off to the world headquarters to shoot some promos with anna and jessica.  we've got a very, very impressive sale coming next week, and lots of new arrivals on the site - a lot of very good people are working on it, and i believe it's going to be fantastic (who am i?).

harumph.  have a good day.


  1. Keep living that best life! I'm going to the DR in March and am already mentally planning the clothes I will order and return til I pack my bag...GRrrrr Have a blast on your Thanksgiving trip!

  2. Bravo. Great post. But what is a puppucino? Do I need one for my Schnauzie, Friday??

  3. Easy fall treat-one box of spice cake mix, one can (14 oz, regular size) of pumpkin puree and mix. That's it. Add a teeny bit of water but it's meant to be thick. Put into a bundt pan and bake for about 45 minutes. If you want to get fancy, mix a little bit of maple syrup with some powdered sugar to make a glaze. As for the chips, if you mix a little dry cake mix with them before adding it all together, they won't sink as much.

  4. Yay for you for knowing to donate your old towels and blankets! Shelters and zoos can always use them!

  5. Ohhhh you're writing. It's just the best.