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i been hanging around these towns

By 4/19/2017

i've been traveling for a hot minute, so just trying to get caught up recapping my goings and doings with these guys.  we flew to la for a quick trip, then to colorado, back for a few days and were off to lima for a week.
we planned this picnic ahead.  we had 3 seats together on the evening flight to california and this spread kept us thoroughly entertained.  crackers, cheese, cornichons, nuts, jams, olives and salami.  we know how to do

we couldn't have been more thrilled with our suite at the palihouse in santa monica.  i think it's the most gorgeous hotel room i've ever stayed in.
charming.  through and through.
shopping on abbott kinney in venice

after a great dinner at the tasting kitchen, we hit up the brig for cocktails and were lucky that the dj was playing the jams.

anna and i kept it classy, per usual.

more shopping in venice - the weather was perfect for roaming

we drove up the coast one day to have lunch at the malibu farm pier cafe.  gorgeous views, a super tasty salmon salad and a great drink list.

the little vestibule outside our room.  we shared the floor with one other suite and had our own private lobby.

lunch at the ivy - expensive, huge servings, but complimentary champs, amazing outdoorsseating, roses everywhere you turn, and tons of pretty nooks like this one.

every corner was gorgeous

discovered this fun wayne pate wallpaper at harbinger - i didn't even know it existed!

walls and walls of fabric at the hollywood at home showroom in west hollywood.

lunch at the chateau marmont - the truffle french fries were key

we look like we're waiting for something far more important than our uber.

from LA jessica and i flew to aspen for a few days.  the weather was remarkably out-of-seasonally beautiful.  60 degrees and bright blue skies every day

we headed directly to the hotel jerome for an extravagant brunch - i think most of the menu was tasted. 
shopping in town after lunch.  how sweet are these baby moccasins?

our first night these guys visited us in the yard.  we'd been at the cocktails for a bit so this seemed extremely miraculous to us city folk.
this was more our idea of out in the wild.
we borrowed a dog for the day - that should be a thing i think, get a 'dog-for-the-day' if you're out of town, right?  we did some exploring but spent most of the day trying to get something under this wood.  we never did.
the highlight of the aspen trip (food is always up there on the list) was the handrolled sushi at matsushia - the. best. i've. ever had.  planning next trip to get more. 

and now we've landed, for a bit.  i'm headed to mexico next week, but before that - i'll catch you up on our shenanigans in peru.  anna took some amazing photos i'll share as soon as my attention span holds out on me.

in the meantime, i'm settling into the new house -- feeling a bit disorientated as my life seemed to flip 182 degrees in one week -- but i can see which direction is up, and i'm following the light that way.  you know when you catch the most fun wave of all, but you end up in the white water, held down, tossing and turning and bumping around- you're sure glad you rode it, but for a minute there, you're all OH FUCK this is how it's going to end.  but then you catch a glance up.  you right yourself.  you kick and sputter and you break the surface.  sun's still there, and you go at it again.

lord, there's a self help book in me somewhere, right?



  2. how do you afford to do what you do? i ask this honestly--because how nice must this plan be?