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textiles for days.

By 3/28/2017

i'm unpacking at the new house, and only when faced with box after box of vintage textiles did i realize i truly have an addiction.  i just can't get enough of bright and bold yummy scraps and wraps and throws and clothes from my travels.

the plan was to hang them in my office on a ladder, so they could be enjoyed and swapped out as the feelings feel -- but i'm quickly realizing i'd need 86 ladders for that to work.

so the plan evolved a bit, and today i shipped off several of my very fave pieces to framebridge to have custom framed so that my special finds can really be elevated to the next level.

i'm thinking this guy will be perfect in a tall skinny frame - i feel like you always need a long piece of art for a little nook that needs some personality.  i'm thinking i'll try him in a red lacquered frame, yaas?!

i'll keep you updated when my new art comes in - i can't wait to see the treasures from my travels ready to hang.  custom framing is for so much more than just photos, or what we traditonally think of as 'art'.  anything that you love can easily become a piece of custom art - one-of-a-kind to you, that you will keep forever with a thoughtful frame.

have something you want to star on your wall?  use the code FURBISH15 for 15% off your first order with framebridge.  remember, they also do rad custom framing for your favorite instagram photos!


  1. You make me want to be a maximalist!

  2. I was pleased with the work framebridge did with my silk tapestry I had them mount and frame for me.
    Enjoy your new art!

  3. I'm obsessed with Framebridge. It sounds so corny but I literally CANNOT believe how easy it is to frame my stuff! I don't even leave my house I just schedule the FedEx home pickups hah! And yes I totally agree a red frame would make that textile look rad!! ❤